Take Your Valentine Fishing This Year

Take Your Valentine Fishing This Year

by Gabriella Hoffman

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Though love can be celebrated any day of the year, why not make this February 14th especially memorable?

As many couples scramble to plan innovative dates, they shouldn’t feel obligated to watch films like Fifty Shades of Grey. A film that promotes sadism, narcissism, and sexism doesn’t bring couples together. Other activities do.

On that token, I recommend all those celebrating Valentine’s Day go fishing if weather permitted.

Take Me Fishing, which is an offshoot of Keep America Fishing, has promoted fishing as an alternative date idea for several years:

Dinner and a movie also are traditional date choices. But, what if you are looking to spice things up a bit? 2/3* of all relationships enjoy the “non-traditional” dating of fishing or boating because it is “relaxing, playful, exciting, and romantic.”

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