Taliban Called Deserter Bergdahl Their ‘Golden Chicken’… Likened Himself to Jason Bourne

Taliban Called Deserter Bergdahl Their ‘Golden Chicken’… Likened Himself to Jason Bourne

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be arraigned this Tuesday at Fort Bragg in California. Bergdahl, who is facing a court-martial, was captured by the Taliban after he left his post in Afghanistan in June of 2009. He was released in May in a prisoner swap for five of the worst Taliban terrorists we had in custody and who were held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Army began its investigation after Bergdahl was returned to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, where he’s been working a desk job. He was charged in March with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy — charges that carry a potential life sentence. In my opinion, he should be shot for desertion and treason, but I’m not likely to get my wish here. When the Taliban captured Bergdahl, they referred to him as their ‘golden chicken’ and said he was worth 5,000 men. Bergdahl willingly went to the enemy and gave them intel on where to hit our military and how to kill Americans. It doesn’t get much more treasonous than that.

Bowe Bergdahl

From the Daily Mail:

The Taliban called Bowe Bergdahl a ‘golden chicken’ when he fell into their grasp in 2009 – but his fellow officers wanted to kill him on the spot.

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The latest insights emerged in the second episode of Serial, which focuses on the days after the former Army private’s capture in 2009.

‘A dead soldier was worth nothing, but he was captured alive,’ a Taliban member that Serial narrator Sarah Koenig called Mujaheed Rahman said in the episode on Thursday morning.

‘He was like a golden chicken… he was worth maybe 5,000 men.’

Conversely, one of Bergdahl’s fellow officer Daryl Hanson told the podcast: ‘I think a lot of us would have shot him. I truly say that with all sincerity, we have that much hate for him.’

Bergdahl also seems to have had delusions that he was akin to Jason Bourne. Hardly. He’s much closer to Jihadi John. He was held for five years by the Taliban and his actions resulted in the deaths of a number of soldiers. In that time, Bergdahl and his whole family converted to Islam. He didn’t resist his captors… he embraced them and their ideology. He hates the US and gave aid and comfort to the enemy. No matter how Bergdahl and his attorneys twist the facts to get sympathy for him, he’s a stone cold traitor. He’s not insane and he wasn’t a victim. When he left the Taliban, they hugged him and wished their brother well. What does that tell you? Life in prison is way too good for this guy. I don’t think he ever really saw himself as Jason Bourne, but as some budding Jihadist. More taqiyya for the infidels. This guy needs to go down for all this.

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