Teenager drowns pregnant girlfriend’s nephew to make room for his baby

Teenager drowns pregnant girlfriend’s nephew to make room for his baby

This is just murderously twisted. What kind of monster does this to a child? Bobby Woods may only be 17 years-old, but he’s old enough to murder a 3 year-old child. A child that was in the way… an inconvenience. One he led to a pond, pushed in, turned his back on and let drown. All to make room for his soon-to-come baby in a household with three families under one roof in Texas. My bet, is that it is grandparents, children and grandchildren all in the same home and that they are poor. With so many in the US now having to move in together, who knows? Woods just graduated from being a sociopath, to being a full blown murderous psychopath. I wonder how he was caught and why he confessed? In the end, it doesn’t matter – he should be executed without delay.

Bobby Woods

From the Daily Mail:

An East Texas teenager is accused of pushing his pregnant girlfriend’s three-year-old nephew into a pond so the boy would drown to make room for the unborn child to live at their home.

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Bobby Woods, 17, faces a charge of capital murder of a person under age six.

A criminal complaint says Woods told authorities that he wanted Mason Cuttler to die because his girlfriend was pregnant and he wanted to make room in the home for his unborn child.

Mason’s dead body was found on August 18 in a pond near Lufkin, a day after he was reported missing while playing outside as his parents cleaned their home, investigators have said.

Woods’ pregnant girlfriend is the aunt of the boy, the complaint says.

Further details about her were not immediately released.

Woods was booked as an adult after his arrest Friday and remained in the Angelina County jail without bond Saturday.
Sheriff Greg Sanches said Woods was a member of one of three families living at the house.

Woods told sheriff’s deputies he was aware of Mason’s age and that the boy could not swim, according to the complaint.

He said he pushed the child into the pond, then turned his back and made no effort to rescue the boy as he cried for help, the complaint says.

Mason’s parents, Kevin Cuttler and Brandi Wonzer, said they appreciate everyone who helped search for their son.

‘Thank you to the departments, law enforcement agencies and volunteers for your help in our time of loss,’ they said in a statement Friday.

‘We need time to grieve and try to heal.’

Online records don’t list an attorney for Woods.

Texas doesn’t look kindly on child killers of any age. They didn’t find little mason until a day after he was drowned. He went missing while his parents were cleaning house and he was playing outside. A lot of people searched for him before finding his little body in that pond. Woods is being charged with capital murder of a person under age 6. What a messed up family that must be and what a tragic outcome. Little Mason is now out of harm’s way and in a better, kinder place. Here’s hoping that Woods goes to an equally horrific and toasty place soon. While he’s awaiting that ticket to hell, I hope his new bunk mates give him the personal touch and make his remaining time memorable.

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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