The Terrifying Moment Furious Bride Attacks Drunk Groom on Way Home from Wedding [VIDEO]

The Terrifying Moment Furious Bride Attacks Drunk Groom on Way Home from Wedding [VIDEO]

Oh. My. Gosh. This poor bride goes bridzilla, but this time you can’t help but understand the ‘crazy’ in her that comes out. Well, those that understand the situation that is…


She put in time, sweat, tears and I’m sure many anxiety attacks and sleepless nights to put together a wedding for her and her fiance. Then it’s their wedding night…and he invites 5 of his old college buddies whom he hasn’t seen for 5 years to the wedding.

Apparently, their presence had him forgetting what the wedding was all about and the entire night was spent with his friends getting smashed, instead of with his new wife making memories…

Then…he’s too wasted to even console her to apologize in a way that will have any effect. This of course just makes her even more understandably upset…and regretful.

After their wedding however, the frustration really got out of hand when they hopped into their cab and it was all caught on dash cam.

He can barely put a sentence together while she’s talking, yelling, crying to him. It’s sad really.

If she sticks around, I’m afraid this is one no-no he’ll be hearing about for a very long, long time…anytime thy get into an argument that is.

Anything he does that annoys her…I can already hear it.

“Well, at least I’m not the one who screwed our wedding up!” He’s sooooo going to regret being an idiot.

‘I could drive us to the hotel right now,’ she says, getting angrier with each word. ‘What’s wrong with you?

‘I hate you so much — you’re slurring your words!’

Then the bride begins to attack him, punching the groom repeatedly on the chest and stomach.

‘I have you so much,’ she screams, hitting the groom as he sits quietly, taking punch after punch.

At one point, she climbs on top of him and continues to punch the groom and verbally attack him.

He tries to tap her on the shoulder but she snaps back.

‘Don’t touch me! You’re a piece of s***!’

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