The Future Under Useful Idiocy

The Soviet Union is dead, but useful idiots continue to propagandize on its behalf. Communist Daoud Hamdani takes progressive projection to new extremes of self-parody while commenting on a pro-Soviet art exhibit in Airstrip One:

I’m no art critic, but I was fortunate enough to be able to look at this exhibition from an informed, leftwing perspective — and I was very impressed. Named after the Soviet Union’s secret cosmonaut training city, Star City: The Future Under Communism brought together work by artists (from Russia and beyond) inspired by Soviet visions of the future and the space race.

In one room, Jane and Louise Wilson’s film Star City, shot on location, is shown on all four walls using four projectors. It’s an all-encompassing, smothering experience, symbolising the capitalist state’s suppression of the individual for the sake of profit.

Freedom is an all-encompassing, smothering experience — unlike totalitarianism. That’s why so many people got shot attempting to cross the Iron Curtain to the socialist east.

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There’s an impressive, life-size replica of Sputnik 1, the first satellite to orbit Earth. The US response to Sputnik blew up on its launchpad, earning it the name Flopnik. That made me chuckle.

Comrade Obama’s gutting of the space program must have made him guffaw.

The exhibition’s main theme is escapism — both through the space race and science-fiction. I took this to be symbolic of the escape from capitalist barbarism that the Soviet system as a whole achieved. One Polish artist, Pawel Althamer, has dressed residents of his former Soviet tower block in gold spacesuits. What this shows, like all the works, is that life under the Soviet Union wasn’t the grey, backward stuff of US propaganda: it was full of life and colour.

I spent the summer of 1984 in the Soviet Union. The experience was instrumental in developing an explosive hatred of all things left-wing. Other than the washed-out red of the banners screaming nonsensical slogans about proletarian triumph, the only color I saw in that vast prison was gray.

As for the Soviet system’s escape from capitalist barbarism, David Thompson comments:

Readers may be surprised to discover that barbarism was unknown in the Soviet Union and other communist nations, where altogether more civilised standards were adhered to and 100 million souls died of entirely natural causes.

Back to Hamdani for his starry-eyed conclusion:

I walked away from this exhibition with a sense of the artists’ overwhelming conviction that socialism and communism are still the future. We’ve had the Soviet experiment. We’ll get it right next time.

As the Dems are now proving with their continued push to nationalize the healthcare industry, nothing that happens in the real world will ever stop moonbats from trying to enslave us.

Glory to the Soviet astronauts. Inspiring stuff for useful idiots who outlived the Evil Empire.

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