The TRUTH About Scalia’s Death Is Revealed

The TRUTH About Scalia’s Death Is Revealed

A number of doctors and experts are now saying that Justice Antonin Scalia died of natural causes. That could well be the case here as he had a number of ailments. I still find it odd that a man of his stature did not warrant an autopsy though. Nevertheless, it appears he died of heart failure in his sleep and if that is so, it is one of the gentlest ways you can go. The man is missed terribly by many of us and I still fear who will be chosen to replace him. Scalia had propped himself up with three pillows and one of them fell on his forehead. They say no foul play is suspected. I believe people will always wonder though, no matter what they say at this point. The funeral was last weekend and Scalia was laid to rest. A good man has gone home and it is definitely our loss.


From the Daily Mail:

A sheriff’s incident report shows nothing appeared out of place around the bed where Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in his West Texas resort suite.

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Three pillows were stacked to elevate Scalia’s head and a top pillow appeared to have toppled onto his eyes and forehead but didn’t appear positioned to impede his breathing, according to the Presidio County Sheriff’s Department report.

His arms were at his side atop the bed covers, which were pulled up to his chin.

I believe that his death was not handled competently and people should be held accountable for that. Everyone seems to have an excuse here, but in the end, they dropped the ball. Scalia lived a long and full life. His brilliance and humor will be sorely missed in the Supreme Court. His friends are devastated… his enemies are gleeful. Scalia was truly a legalistic legend and a constitutional originalist will be hard to find. We will never know for sure what transpired before Scalia’s death, but it is most likely it was just his time. Now, we have to say goodbye and move on. He would have wanted that. The fight never ends.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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