The Truth About the Gay Left ( from a gay conservative)

The gay Left must come to an end.

This isn’t to say that I wish harm to the minions of the liberal gay community, but rather that the time has arrived for a more reasonable and rational debate, freed from the intolerance and bigotry of the champions of far-left gay advocacy. And this debate can never, and will never, occur as long as people like Dan Savage remain the best possible choices to represent a growing collective of activists.

I, along with many other gay conservatives, took issue with the creator of the ‘It Gets Better’ series of videos for his comments recently on Twitter, where he referred to gay conservative group GOProud as “house faggots”. As this is a man that has been known for representing millions of young gay men and women, it is far from inspiring to see one of the most well-known gay figures hurling hateful insults in the direction of people just like him. And for what? All because they choose to support a candidate that doesn’t align with their personal views on gay issues? It seems that Mr. Savage and his ilk suffer from something far more severe than a disdain for GOProud. They have a disdain for Americans and their values.

The evidence is all around us. From the gay rights activists captured on film giving the middle finger to a picture of Reagan, to Joy Behar claiming gay conservatives only “think with their penises”, the gay Left and its most impassioned wingnut allies have shown significant hatred for anything that differs from their defined norms. It is common practice to insist that the republican party is the party of anti-gay bigots ( though it was Reagan’s voice that helped prevent the passage of the Briggs Initiave), and while many on the gay Left will speak of the injustices suffered at the hands of cruel, hateful people, they take no issue with comparing gay conservatives to “jewish nazis“, and so on. It is this double standard that divides us further, and endangers not just an important political discourse, but the livelihood of decent, hardworking people.

The gay Left has made a name for themselves by being unreasonable, combative, and: unabashedly shameful in their conduct. They claim to care about the political system that so many of us respect and value, but would never vote for even the best ecomonic strategist for office if his views on gay marriage weren’t completely in support of it. They condemn every comment made by someone who they have pegged as anti-gay, but as of late, have been completely silent on the divisive comments that come from: within their: own community. In a community of politically-active gay leftists, to dissent is to be cast out, no matter what you stand for as a person. And this is troubling.

It is the lack of patriotism and respect for American ideals that pushes so many away from the gay liberal agenda. Gay conservatives have shown an appreciation for the American judical system, have stood behind states rights to allow the people to reject or accept gay marriage, have supported conservative candidates, limited government goals, and promoted fiscal responsibility. Gay conservatives are far more patriotic and accepting than the legions of radical gay activists. We want to see a better America, not an America that is bullied into believing or accepting things that the people do not support or want. This is the way a proper system works, but the gay Left fails to see that. In place of reasonableness, they resort to smear tactics and hatemongering to get their point across. In a sense, they are conspirators in political gay-bashing.

So as not to leave out any guilty party, gay conservatives must also be critical of the place of gay moderates, who stand by, never actually taking cheap shots, but never: speaking up in the fear that they will become prey to the lions of gay activism. This is a cowardly position, and must be address as such, because with no reprucussions, the most vicious supporters of the gay Left ideology may become even more intolerant of gay conservatives, their straight allies, and US citizens as a whole.:  Even more so as the president’s re-election campaign goes full throttle.

The gay Left has indeed lost its place in America. Every push forward that gay: rights makes is brought back by the vile utterings of a media personality, blogger, or liberal activist. Their goal has never been to see a prospering America. It has been trying to figure out how best to take over a struggling one.


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