There’s a growing chorus across the US: ‘No more refugees!’ [Video]

There’s a growing chorus across the US: ‘No more refugees!’ [Video]

Refugee Resettlement is one huge political agenda item to change the voting, racial and religious demographics across the nation. James Simpson has written an excellent expose on this: The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. Refugee resettlement is a malevolent component of our dysfunctional immigration system that has largely been covered up and ignored by the media. Between Simpson and the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog (which is a must read), the alarm bells are now being set off across America concerning what I believe is part of a soft, bloodless coup. This program was conceived in the UN and in fact, they oversee who is chosen to come here. So, it is little wonder Christians find it almost impossible to get in the US now, but the doors are wide open for Islamic refugees. This agenda, per James Simpson, is dedicated to erasing our culture, traditions and laws, and creating a compliant, welfare-dependent multicultural society with no understanding of America’s constitutional framework and no interest in assimilation. The ultimate target is a voting base large enough for the Left’s long-sought “permanent progressive majority.” And we are well on our way to accomplishing this nefarious agenda.

Somali refugees get ready to meet with city officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Somali refugees get ready to meet with city officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

From WND:

The push back started earlier this year in South Carolina, then spread to Minnesota, Idaho, and now North Dakota.

Michigan and Ohio are also organizing against what local residents say is a sinister and sneaky federal program that gets little serious coverage from local media. It’s the U.S. State Department’s refugee resettlement program, which has been humming along on autopilot since Congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980, signed by President Jimmy Carter.

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Since that time, more than 3 million refugees from the Third World have been permanently resettled in more than 190 American cities and towns.

On the rare occasions when the program attracts national media coverage, it almost always gets spun in a positive light, citing emotional, sometimes tear-jerking stories of refugees rescued from violence in their homelands.

But activists say there’s another side to the refugee program that isn’t so pretty.

No longer satisfied with pat answers, residents in several states are starting to ask the hard questions. They are showing up at meetings, starting blogs and email lists, digging up information and bypassing local media to inform their friends and neighbors of what’s really going on with the refugee movement.

In conservative Twin Falls, Idaho, for instance, a group of 100 resisters are going door to door informing their neighbors about how the refugee program works. Organizer Rick Martin says most people are surprised to find out that the United Nations picks most of the refugees destined for America, and that the Catholic Church, the Lutheran and Episcopal churches, along with evangelical and Jewish groups get paid by the federal government to resettle refugees in the U.S.

The U.N. connection could explain why so many Muslim refugees are coming to the U.S. from jihadist hotbeds like Syria and Somalia while persecuted Christians in Syria, Iraq and Egypt have such a hard time getting within sight of the Statue of Liberty. It may also explain why Muslim countries with plenty of open land, such as Saudi Arabia, aren’t taking in more of the Sunni Muslim refugees being created by jihadist mayhem and civil strife in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia.


The State Department assures those who ask questions about security that refugees are the “most highly vetted” of all U.S. immigrants.

But the FBI, which is responsible for doing the vetting, refutes that notion.

One of the FBI’s top counter-terrorism experts, Michael Steinbach, warned Congress on Feb. 11 that the U.S. is not in a position to screen the Syrians because it has no boots on the ground and no access to law enforcement or intelligence data in the “failed state” of Syria. House Homeland Security Committee Chair Michael McCaul, R-Texas, also warned in two letters to President Obama that the Syrian refugee program could become a “jihadist pipeline” directly to the United States.

“Bringing in Syrians, who are predominantly of Muslim background, may be opening the door to terrorists pretending to be refugees,” Rick Martin, head of the Committee to End the CSI (College of Southern Idaho) Refugee Center in nearby Buhl, told Reuters. “We’re not against legitimate refugees. They need to be treated with dignity and respect. But it would be easy for someone to lie about their background.”

Reuters reported the State Department’s claim about intense vetting of refugees unquestioned without mentioning the FBI’s expert testimony to the contrary by Steinbach.

We take in more refugees from third-world hellholes than all other nations combined. The refugees (and the illegal aliens flooding the southern border from Central America) are then “resettled” by taxpayer funded “Voluntary Agencies.” They received over $1 billion last year to facilitate this. Americans and their local leaders get no choice where the refugees go – the Voluntary Agencies decide that. We have no idea how many of these so-called ‘refugees’ are radical Islamists and terrorists. They move into communities and set up little enclaves where they practice Shariah Law. Communities are being Balkanized and crime, poverty and chaos are spreading at exponential rates. All right on cue and as planned. This is the invasion within and Americans have had enough. They are screaming, ‘No more refugees!’

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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