This Abortion Advocate’s Responses Had Him Begging The Interviewer Not To Air Them [Video]

Not condoning murder, huh? Sure sounds like it to me – no wonder he didn’t want the interview aired. Postnatal abortion is obviously murder. 25,000 pro-life marchers, vs. 50 or so counter-protesters. Female moonbats who rip their clothes off to make their point. Geez – just leave already. I will say this, seems like we have a lot more of these radical social justice warriors here in the US – we have way more organized Marxists, but they are everywhere these days. Abortion is legalized murder – sorry, it just is.

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From Western Journalism:

The largest turnout ever participated in the March for Life in Ottawa, Canada on Saturday, marking the anniversary of abortion’s legalization in the country 46 years ago.

The practice became legal in Canada four years before the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in all 50 states.

According to Life Site News, an estimated 4 million babies have been aborted in Canada since it became legal; the current rate is about 100,000 annually. There are no restrictions on abortions in the country such as those found in various states in the U.S., including bans on partial-birth abortion for late-term pregnancies, parental consent, informed consent (requiring mothers to be shown an ultrasound of image their unborn child), and waiting periods.

Approximately 25,000 pro-life marchers converged on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday to advocate for the life of the unborn. Also on hand were perhaps 50 counter-demonstrators, who want the laws to remain as they are.

Rebel Media’s Marissa Semkiw interviewed one of the counter-demonstrators, who was holding up a sign which read: “Guess What, A Woman’s Body Is Her Own F—ing Business.”

Semkiw probed the man, Alex, to see just what his beliefs were regarding abortion. One of the issues on the pro-life agenda in Canada is instituting some restrictions on abortion like those found in the U.S.

She first asked him if he would be ok with a woman aborting her child one month before it was due.

Alex said he would, stating, “That’s her decision again.”

He had the same answer for one week.

“A day?” she asked.

“Also her decision,” Alex said.

He elaborated: “It’s not for me or any member of Parliament or religious institution organization to tell her otherwise.”

The interviewer then turned to killing the child after it is born: “How about post-natal abortion?”

He responded: “Post-natal abortion? I mean – if that’s the option- that’s the option.”

“But, again, I’m not advocating murder of any kind,” he continued.

Alex later had misgivings about his responses and asked Rebel Media not to air the interview. Semkiw’s response was: too bad. She said he came to a public place during a pro-life event, counter-demonstrated holding up his sign, and agreed to the interview, and that his views are representative by-in-large of many on his side of the debate.

Life Site News reports regarding the event overall:

More than 30 parliamentarians, both MPs and Senators, also spoke, including retired Liberal MP Pat O’Brien, who told the crowds that from his former office in Parliament he could see rallies throughout the year, and that the March for Life was by far the largest. He said MPs need courage because they are under “enormous pressure … not to speak out” on controversial issues like abortion and euthanasia.

Campaign Life Coalition’s Jeff Gunnarson, whose group organized the event, said the March’s theme “Let Life Win” is intended to acknowledge “the fact that hearts and minds must change before the laws will change. We have to have a groundswell of support that says, we need to have this abortion stopped, then you have the courage of the MPs to change.”

I don’t blame Rebel Media for airing the interview – these are the opinions of the culture of death overwhelmingly. The idea of approving the murder of a child in the last trimester or even after birth is abhorrent – it is infanticide. Yet, those on the Left seem to have no problem with the concept and practice. Just as most of them have no problem with the approval of genocide or wiping out parts of the population they deem offensive or eliminating those who oppose their opinions. This was a huge rally in Canada crying out for the lives of the unborn. Canada has lost over 4 million babies since abortion was legalized there – how is that not genocide and wholesale murder?

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