THIS Celebrity Lays The SMACK DOWN On OBAMA’S Entitlement Mentality… ‘Get a Damn Job!’

THIS Celebrity Lays The SMACK DOWN On OBAMA’S Entitlement Mentality… ‘Get a Damn Job!’

I couldn’t agree more here with Dr. Phil. I haven’t always agreed with him, but he’s exactly right on this one. These parents are not doing their children any favors here. They let them live with them long past the point where they should have been on their own. They give them everything they want and need. They tell them how great they are all the time and it breaks these people financially and emotionally. In Dr. Phil’s examples below, one of them is a 43 year-old man who still lives with his parents and pretends to be a rock star. He has an entitlement mentality perpetuated by those such as Barack Obama and it is destroying his parents. They now have to sell their home and continue working until they drop. They have spent $1.7 million on this deadbeat and he doesn’t seem ashamed at all over it. Welcome to modern day American culture.


From TellMeNow:

Dr. Phil has a reputation for telling it like it is. And on “The Kelly File” he discussed the entitlement culture that is rather prevalent. He said, “We’ve Created a Generation of Entitled, Narcissistic People.”

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They discussed 43 year old Kris who still lives with his mom while pretending to be a rock star. Kris has drained his parents of $1.7 million while posing to be a star.

His parents are now faced with selling their home and continuing to work long past retirement age. But, Kris doesn’t care. His parents enabled and coddled him and created a middle aged child.

Dr. Phil has some strong words for Kris, “Get a damn job!”

This is happening across America and is just deplorable. Next up is a 20 year-old girl who still lives at home, gets drunk, has sex because she wants a baby she can’t take care of and is given everything she could want by her parents. She dropped out of high school and acts like a spoiled petulant child because she is one. Her parents know that they have made a mistake here. The only way to rectify it now is to force her out into the real world as painful as that may be for all concerned. That is the job of a parent… to teach your child right from wrong and how to survive on their own. Not to be their best bud. Shame on these children – they all know better. And shame on these parents for enabling them and perpetuating this type of behavior.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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