THIS Country May REJECT Beyonce’s Music Tour From Entering – ‘We Don’t Support Black Panthers!’

THIS Country May REJECT Beyonce’s Music Tour From Entering – ‘We Don’t Support Black Panthers!’

A lot of Americans were outraged after Beyonce’s disgraceful performance at the Super Bowl where she gave tribute to the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. Sporting bandoliers and dressed in black leather and trendy Black Panther berets, Beyonce and her back up dancers performed in support of the revolutionary, racist terrorist group, the Black Panthers and formed a symbolic X in homage to Malcolm X… a Black Panther terrorist and a member of the Nation of Islam. NJ police officers have formerly complained and the police turned off the halftime show and in some cases, literally turned their backs on Beyonce as she performed her single “Formation” which glorifies the Black Lives Matter movement and vilifies police officers. Now, Canada is telling her that they may not allow her to perform in their country because they don’t support the militant Black Panthers. Good for Canada.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Beyoncé has been a hot topic lately following her controversial halftime performance at Super Bowl 50.

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The pop star used her portion of the show to focus on black power, including a nod to the Black Panthers and Malcolm X — something that has been met with heavy criticism. Critics have blasted Beyoncé for perpetuating racial tension, celebrating people who encouraged racial violence and using her celebrity to make a political statement.

But it’s not just critics in the United States who found the performance problematic. Now, a Toronto official has suggested that Canada disallow Beyoncé from performing in the country if she stands in support of the New Black Panthers.

The American singer and songwriter is scheduled to play at the Rogers Centre in Toronto as a part of her “Formation” tour in a few months, but if Toronto councillor Jim Karygiannis has his way, that performance may be cancelled. They are also talking about investigating the singer and her militant ties. “She or [some of her dancers] could be found not eligible to enter this country,” if it’s discovered that they financially support the New Black Panthers, Karygiannis explained. The Black Panthers have officially approved of Beyonce’s performance. “If people are offended with what she’s wearing, [Immigration Minister McCallum’s office] is where it should be addressed,” Karygiannis said. “If you’re offended, don’t let her in.” There is no indication that Beyonce belongs to the Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam. What is a fact though is that her husband Jay-Z pledged $1.5 million to the Black Lives Matter movement. She should be boycotted and shunned for racism and cop-hatred.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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