This Veteran Now Stands Watch Over Local Fire Station – For This Incredible Reason! WATCH

This Veteran Now Stands Watch Over Local Fire Station – For This Incredible Reason! WATCH

What’s wrong with people? Some thugs have evidently been targeting firefighters in South Carolina. When they are called out on an emergency, they are taking the opportunity to break into their cars and steal money and personal items. Two fire stations have been hit as well. This makes seven fire departments in two weeks… they are saying they don’t know if they are connected. Of course they are. But there is one elderly Army veteran who is looking out for his local fire department and actively watching it while they are out on calls. Woody Williams is telling these thugs they’ll have to get through him first. I hope he’s armed.

Army Vet

From Fire Fighting News:

A retired Army veteran in the Charlotte-area is standing guard over his local fire station to send a message to anyone who thinks about coming near there to commit a crime.

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“That’s the worst thing. I think that’s just about as low as you can go,” Woody Williams said.

“Those guys would fight and die, even for the burglars. You know they are going to a burning house for him and here they are victimizing the very guys that would save their life. That’s pretty nasty, right there, if you ask me.”

A photo of Williams standing in front of the station has now gone viral.

Isn’t it sad that no one else is doing this? The community could band together. Maybe vigilantism isn’t such a bad idea after all. “I suggest other people watch their fire stations ’cause those are the guys that will come and save your life,” Williams said. “This is a 12-gauge cane,” he joked while making a gun-cocking noise during an interview with WBTV. “I’m old military and I don’t mind taking him to task. If I have to wreck him out, I’ll take him out. He won’t get far.” Williams calls Fire Station #7 in the city’s NoDa area his “watering hole” and the idea of firefighters becoming victims makes him sad and fighting mad. “These are all our friends and our buddies and the neighborhood takes care of itself,” he said. Williams’ strong sense of brotherhood stems from his time in the military. “We were trained to fight and die for our country and they don’t go away your whole life. So if you got something – duty calls. These guys are our brothers in need,” he said. I hope they catch this pack of thieves before someone gets really hurt. This vet is a brave guy and a hero.

Army Vet1

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