When Three Woman Find Out They Are In A Relationship With The Same Man – THIS HAPPENS!

When Three Woman Find Out They Are In A Relationship With The Same Man – THIS HAPPENS!

A woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with not one, but two women. She proceeded to graffiti his car with ‘LIAR’, ‘LOL’ and ‘CHEATER’. He’s lucky that’s all she did to him. Just sayin’. Here’s a tip… if you are going to cheat on someone, you might not want to post pics of your ‘other’ on Facebook. This idiot spent Valentine’s Day with all three women at different times of the day. He even planned to take them to the same romantic spot over consecutive weeks. How could this moron think that he would get away with this for any length of time? Just shaking my head.


From Metro:

A woman scrawled ‘CHEATER’, ‘LIAR’ and ‘LOL’ on her boyfriend’s car after she apparently found out he had been seeing two other women.

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If you have any sympathy for the alleged lothario, who had to drive to work in the graffitied car, you probably won’t after hearing the full story.

His girlfriend decorated his Volkswagen Passat Estate, in Anlaby, Hull, after apparently spotting a picture of him and his other woman on Facebook.

If you can believe it, it gets even worse. He would take them to his home on different nights of the week. He lives with his mother who went along with his lies and covered for him. One of the women has revealed how she and the two others had discovered the betrayal and how one of them took revenge. “None of us had a clue that this was going on,” she said. “We were all even invited to his brother’s wedding! I don’t know how that one was going to work.” That would have been very interesting. After discussing his infidelity on Facebook, the three women decided solidarity was the best policy and have not blamed each other. The graffiti has now been removed. No names are being mentioned on this either… how embarrassing all around.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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