Tim Allen Goes on Live TV, BLASTS Obama

Tim Allen Goes on Live TV, BLASTS Obama

Tim Allen has never been bashful about his political views. It’s one of the reasons I love the guy. His show, “Last Man Standing,” is one of the very few worth watching out there these days. It’s so good, I wish it were an hour long. On a recent episode before Christmas, he blasted Obama and the regulatory stranglehold he has on America. The Marxists have taken all the fun out of Christmas and Allen is disgusted by it. Tim Allen is very, very funny and he takes pokes at Obama and Clinton every time he gets the chance. Good for him.

Tim Allen

From Wayne Dupree:

In a recent episode of ‘Last Man Standing,’ Allen’s character Mike Baxter tore into the U.S. commander in chief and his overreaching administration. And he did it on the Obama supporting network ABC!

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The scene begins with Allen’s TV character Mike Baxter reflecting on the days before lawn darts were banned for safety concerns.

“They don’t sell them anymore, you can’t find them. The nanny state made them illegal.” Baxter’s grandson then had this to say: “Stupid nanny state ruined Christmas.”

“Sit!” Baxter then demanded of his family members, “This is not a democracy. Ugh” he commented as he listened to what he was saying:

“I started sounding like King Obama there for a minute, didn’t I?”

They say that Allen wants to really go after Hillary in future episodes, but the ABC execs will probably censor him on it. No doubt about that. It is a certainty. “The only thing that stops us, really, is the network,” he said. “I would dive deep into that if I could.” “We are going to drill Hillary,” he promised before saying: “It will be horrible personally,” he said of a successful Clinton candidacy, “but it will be great for the story line.” Yes, it will and I hope that Allen gets the chance to savage the shrew and take her down. Not only would it be funny, it would be refreshing. I simply adore Tim Allen.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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