Transgender teen unhappy that boys are flirting with her friends and not with her [Video]

Transgender teen unhappy that boys are flirting with her friends and not with her [Video]

You know who I blame on this? The parents. A child at 15 months old does not know anything about gender or sex. Sounds to me like this is the parent’s project and this is one very confused kid. Wayne Dupree is right, it doesn’t matter how this person dresses, or what jewelry and accessories they wear, or how they do their hair… you can tell that Jazz is in essence a boy and not a girl by the way he/she acts. Heterosexual boys are not going to go for a transgender – they are not homosexual and don’t have those tendencies or leanings. To try and force them to do that is just wrong and sick. In fact, this whole thing is sick and twisted in my viewpoint. Sorry. You have a right to lead your life as you see fit, but don’t force it on others and don’t come crying when the world doesn’t conform to your version of reality.

Jazz Jennings

From Wayne DuPree:

I don’t fear homosexuals and I do not fear transgender but the truth is he is not a girl, he’s a boy. And by the way, no matter what the LBGT community tells you, boys do not have to accept you as a girl because they don’t see you as that.

Jazz Jennings was born a boy, but started to show leanings toward a feminine side at only 15 months old. By age 2, Jazz started to verbalize her feelings that “she was a girl,” and by 5 she was one of the youngest people ever to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria ― a persistent unease with the characteristics of one’s gender, accompanied by a strong identification with the opposite gender.

If he was a woman he would not need daily doses of hormones to survive.

It does not matter how many hormones, pretty things, dresses and or long hair it doesn’t change what you are. And if you really look at him you can tell. The mannerism is not feminine it is homosexual and it is a different mannerism.

And this idea that heterosexual boys should be accepting of this and flirt with her and date her is wrong. They are not homosexual! This young boy has to disclose this every time he finds himself on a date with another boy. I know this hurts but truth is reality, heterosexual men have no wish to be with the same sex. It has nothing to do with peer pressure! Why not accept them for what they are, heterosexual!


What do you think of this young boy’s story? Doesn’t seems like someone prepared him for these reactions.

The damage to this kid is irreparable. The hormones may never take effect and they aren’t saving Jazz’s life – they are destroying it. Parenting is for guiding your children in what is right for them – what is most survival. These parents have failed miserably at this. They decided what the child was before the child could and made a ‘he’ into a ‘she.’ With no consideration for all that their choice entails. Jazz will be an outcast his/her entire life and will find it almost impossible to find lasting happiness or fulfillment, much less success in a very competitive world. But I’m sure his/her parents feel justified and somehow that they have made a point to the world. Too bad they had to sacrifice a child on the insane alter of political correctness to make their nutty point.

Jazz Jennings

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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