Tuskegee Airman has car & cash stolen while lost in St. Louis in two robberies [Video]

Tuskegee Airman has car & cash stolen while lost in St. Louis in two robberies [Video]

A 93 year-old World War II vet – a Tuskagee Airman, one of the most elite of our war veterans – went to visit his daughter in St. Louis. He got lost at about 11:30 am in the morning on a Sunday. He stopped to call his daughter and some thug jumped in his car and took money out of the man’s pocket. Then he took off in an older black car. The vet gave chase but lost him. He also got even more lost in St. Louis. He saw two men and stopped to ask for help. They acted as if they would help him and when he got out of the car, they jumped in it and stole it, leaving the vet standing there in the street. What kind of animals do this to the elderly? St. Louis is so violent and crime ridden now, that their own council members won’t live directly in the city. They commute 25 miles because it’s just too dangerous there anymore. This is a travesty and an outrage – welcome to St. Louis.

Tuskegee Airman

From Fox2Now:

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A 93-year-old Tuskegee Airman had his car stolen and was robbed in two separate incidents on Sunday night.  The robbery happened Sunday at McPherson and Sarah in North St. Louis

Police say the victim got lost while driving to his daughter’s home Sunday at around 11:30am. The 93-year-old man pulled over to call his daughter. A man approached and entered the victim’s vehicle. The suspect took cash from the victim’s pant pocket. Then the suspect then got into another vehicle and left the scene. The victim lost sight of the older model black four door vehicle near the intersection of Walton and Page.

The victim drove to the intersection of Walton and Page. The elderly man got out of his car and asked two black males for help. They got into his car and drove away.

Police are looking for the three suspects in the two separate incidents. The victim was driving a Maroon 2012 Honda Accord Sedan with Missouri license plate: AA2K8R.

Please contact CrimeStoppers if you have any information: http://stlrcs.org/

This vehicle is similar to the victim’s car:

Tuskegee Airman1

This elderly vet still hasn’t gotten his car back and the men who ripped him off are still at large. The good people of St. Louis ought to track down these reprobates themselves and turn them in. There is absolutely no excuse for doing this to anyone, but especially not to the elderly. Man, there is no way I would live in St. Louis after hearing this. I wouldn’t even visit there. Another Liberal hellhole brought to you by Progressive Marxists and their policies. Thanks to Obama, racism and cop hatred are running amok in these cities and Americans are beginning to feel as if they live in a third world country. Just going out in broad daylight on a bright Sunday morning is risking your life and your possessions there.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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