UCLA Bans Faculty from Saying America is Land of Opportunity Because It’s Racist & Offensive

You have got to be freaking kidding me. Every day I get up anymore, I just bang my head against the wall over the latest wave of Liberal idiocy. This one does not even make sense. Unless of course you consider that the Leftists want all verbiage that says anything good about America erased from the lexicon. This pretense of being offended at every linguistic turn is just moronic. The following are also on that moonbat list: Alien in One’s Own Land, Ascription of Intelligence, Color Blindness, Criminality/Assumption of Criminal Status, Denial of Individual Racism/Sexism/Heterosexism and Myth of Meritocracy. Our language is being scrubbed, purified and censored. Evidently the First Amendment and freedom of speech mean absolutely nothing at UCLA or our universities anymore.

From Gateway Pundit:

The University of California sent a handout to faculty recently that includes a list of offensive statements. According to the handout, “America is the land of opportunity,” will be banned from campus.

It’s much too offensive.

National Review reported:

A University of California faculty leader-training handout instructed professors not to say that “America is the land of opportunity” because that’s a racist, sexist microaggression.

According to the handout, called “Tool: Recognizing Microaggressions and the Messages they Send,” the statement “assert[s] that race and gender [do] not play a role in life successes” — despite the fact that saying opportunities exist and saying that opportunities are more easily attainable for some people than others are not mutually exclusive assertions.

Other microaggressions listed on the document include asking, “Where are you from or where were you born?” (because it suggests that the person you’re asking is “not a true American”); asking a post-doctoral minority student whether he or she is lost in the halls of a chemistry building (because it makes ”the assumption that the person is trying to break into one of the labs”); and having students fill out forms on which they have to check a box indicating whether they’re male or female.

The school will now ban the phrase, “America is the land of opportunity.”

What’s next? Banning books? The language police? Fines for not getting your sentence structure right and acceptable? Microaggression is a communist buzzword that means nothing really – it is another tool of suppression and can mean any damn thing they want. This is an effort to make us all vanilla, all equally bland and the same. If that can be accomplished, it is much easier to control people… to enslave them with rules and regulations. To make them into robots that are used and discarded rather than treated as free individuals. It also eliminates the question of race which ties into illegal immigration nicely for the Marxists. You can’t even ask where someone is from, much less the legality of it. “America is the land of opportunity” is much too offensive to the evolved sensibilities and tastes of the elite. They prefer “America is the land of submission.”

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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