Up Your Alley: What Progressivism Is Forcing Us to Progress Toward

Those who have extremely strong stomachs, are not at work, and do not have children nearby are invited to see for themselves what the triumph of liberalism has bestowed upon the streets of San Francisco in Zombie’s photo essay on this summer’s Up Your Alley Fair:

While this new report covers all aspects of this year’s “Up Your Alley” fetish street fair, I pay special attention to a bizarre fad sweeping the gay underground: “puppy play,” or pretending to be a dog during sadomasochistic group sex romps.

Up Your Alley was teeming with men not only dressed as dogs (or a least a fetishistic approximation of caninehood), but also behaving as dogs.

Why? Read the report to find out!

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WARNING: The the full report shows what children sometimes see when they look out the window in San Francisco; it is not suitable viewing for decent people. However, you may feel compelled to have a look if you want to see where the country is headed. Or you could wait another Supreme Court decision or two and watch it on prime time TV.

A few non–X-rated samples:




The depravity on display was actually somewhat toned down this time around, possibly due to an enhanced (but very hands-off) police presence.

I think the mere presence of the police strolling around helped to suppress some of the more absolutely mind-boggling public sexual behavior seen in previous years at the Up Your Alley Fair, as documented here at zombietime. In that earlier report, I photographed Up Your Alley participants publicly ejaculating, performing anal penetration, urinating on each other, performing oral sex in plain view of everyone, and in general engaging in much more extreme behaviors than I witnessed this year.

However, if progressives continue winning the Culture War, they can soon go back to their public exploration of the final extremes of abnormality.

The point of these events is not only to help the participants to find fellow perverts with whom they can exchange horrific diseases, but to grind sickness into the faces of the healthy. In that regard, Up Your Alley is no Obergefell v. Hodges decision, but then not everyone can achieve the advanced level of moral illness of the five liberals on the Supreme Court. San Francisco’s freaks can congratulate themselves on their impressive ability to disgust and horrify anyone who hasn’t succumbed completely to political correctness.

What it all comes down to: insulting God.

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