Vanderbilt’s Healthy Masculinities Week Attacks Masculinity

To achieve liberal utopia, it isn’t enough that society be fundamentally transformed. Individuals must be socially reengineered. For example, men must be made less manly:

The size of G.I. Joe’s biceps and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guns in the Terminator movies is proof that the dominant form of masculinity is out of control.

That message and similar ones were conveyed recently to students during Vanderbilt University’s “Healthy Masculinities Week,” organized by the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center.

Moonbat castrators have recruited a former football player to their side:

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One event featured a screening of the limited-release documentary The Mask You Live In, which blames “America’s narrow definition of masculinity” for the deteriorating mental health of boys and men.

“The three most destructive words that every man receives when he’s a boy is when he’s told to ‘be a man,’” former NFL player Joe Ehrmann says in the film. Now a minister, Ehrmann spoke on an all-male panel in 2013 titled “Breaking the Male Code,” which was organized by Vagina Monologues writer Eve Ensler.

If the mental health of males has been deteriorating, a more obvious culprit would be the liberal ruling class’s unremitting war on all things masculine.

Fraternities stand accused of promoting manliness. Yet someone from the Interfraternity Council sides with Ehrmann:

Bill Savage, IFC vice president of recruitment, said he hates the term “man up” or a phrase he claims is closely related, “don’t be a pussy.” In contrast to stereotypes, “being emotional is manly in my opinion,” Savage said.

Whether Savage is related to doorknob-licking homosexual activist Dan Savage is unknown.

There is much work left to be done. Off campus, recalcitrant thought criminals still express incorrect views, sometimes even on television:

Andrea Tantaros claimed the organizers were trying to “demasculinize men” and turn them into “thumb-sucking little beta males in skinny jeans.”

Despite decades of feminism, some women still don’t want to live in a world without men.

obama fag
Masculinity can’t be too far out of control, if this guy is president.

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