VICTORY! Small Town America Finds EPIC Way To Triumph Over Powerful Atheist Group…By Doing THIS!

VICTORY! Small Town America Finds EPIC Way To Triumph Over Powerful Atheist Group…By Doing THIS!

Simply epic. In the little town of Pittsburg, Kansas, the local post office had a “God Bless America” sign hung on their wall. There was an atheist who took exception to the religious reference and demanded that the sign be removed from a government building. The Atheist Foundation went to work, like they do, to attack this little town’s post office until they buckled and complied with their demands. After all, they were offended. The post office took the sign down, but local residents didn’t like it one little bit. Jake’s Fireworks proceeded to print 1,200 “God Bless America” yard signs and 300 banners. They started handing them out to the entire town. Brilliant!


From Dc Gazette:

In a little Kansas town, named Pittsburg, there was one resident who complained about a “God Bless America” sign hung at the town’s Post Office. The Atheist Foundation targeted this small town, demanding the town remove it at once. The sight of any religious reference about God on a Federal or State building is against this resident’s “religion”.

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“Employees are free to ask God to bless America all they want on their own time. The problem comes when they ask their government employer to endorse their personal religious beliefs by plastering them on the side of the federal building,” Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Madeline Ziegler said of their campaign.

Though the Pittsburg, Kansas, Post Office complied with the atheist organization’s demands, residents took Ziegler’s words to heart.

A couple days later, Jake’s Fireworks responded by printing 1,200 “God Bless America” yard signs and 300 similar banners. The company began handing out signs at 11 a.m. and by 11:45 a.m., the signs were gone said Jason Marietta, retail sales director.

Cars lined up for two blocks to get their signs and they were planted all over the city. Instead of being subjected to one sign on the post office, this God-hater now has to see them all over town. Now, that’s my kind of revenge. “Obviously, we’re among the majority that didn’t agree with the decision to take the sign down (at the post office),” Marietta told The Morning Sun. Over a thousand signs decorate various locations around town and I can just hear and feel the atheists as they wail and rage over this development. Serves them right. The original atheist who complained, did so anonymously. Coward. He or she should at least have the courage of their warped convictions. God bless America and God bless Pittsburg, Kansas!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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