VIDEO: Child Robbers Bring Terror to Texas Suburb

Many of us went through the “punk kid” phase, in which the temptation to irritate and bullyrag the neighbors through use of toilet paper, eggs and even burning bags of dog poop was difficult to resist. So therefore it might be a bit much to decry the nation’s cultural decline as a result of this story.

Except these kids don’t sound like they have much in the way of talent for prankery…

Neighbors in a historic Southside Fort Worth block say the pranks and antics of children there have turned dangerous.

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They claim a group of elementary school-aged children are wreaking havoc. They are accused of throwing rocks and onions at cars, taking bikes from front yards, and most recently setting garbage on fire.

Homeowner Maria Luna says her 6-year-old son Jessie won’t sleep in his room alone most nights.

“Every night he’s like, ‘Oh they’re coming, Oh, I hear them!,” she says.

The kids her child fears are just a few years older than he is. Neighbors describe them as a group of elementary school kids between the ages of 8 and 12.

You can still see the burn mark left on Luna’s property from when she says the kids set her garbage on fire. The homeowner has security camera video of the incident. While you can’t see the flames, the video shows children running away.

“There were adults with them. You can see a lady with a stroller,” Luna explains.

And there is your answer. When the parents – one assumes they’re parents – are stupid enough to be pulling pranks with the 12 year olds, you’ll know why the 12 year olds stink at it.

It used to be that Dad would punish you for rolling the neighbor’s house, and then after the fact he’d laugh about it with you. Here, there is no Dad around – and Mom comes along with the stroller.

Maybe we are in cultural decline after all. There goes the neighborhood.

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