VIDEO: Dr. Ben Carson Gives THIS Amazing History Lesson During a Campaign Stop

One thing that conservatives need is someone who can waken African Americans to the criminal mess that Democrats and liberals have done to their futures. Dr. Ben Carson is an inspiring man and at a recent campaign stop he gave a fantastic speech that should do just that: inspire.

Carson noted that African Americans shouldn’t have to look up only to rap singers, actors, and sports figures.

As Chicks on the Right said:

Then I found this clip of Presidential Candidate Ben Carson talking about heroes for young black kids and how they shouldn’t be limited to only looking up to professional athletes and rappers as their role models. And he actually goes through and lists tons of successful African-American men and women who were brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs and talks about how black kids can look to those people for inspiration in their lives. And now I want Dr. Carson to write a book about these remarkable people, ’cause it sounds like he knows more about them than he has time to talk about in this forum.

You know what else? He rattled off all those names and stories WITHOUT A FREAKING TELEPROMPTER! Just right off the top of his head. Those are probably the kinds of people he’s taken inspiration from himself. And he sees what that did for him in his life and he wants to pass that onto everyone in America. Not just black kids or white kids or Hispanic kids or Asian kids – but EVERYBODY!

Man, THAT’S the kind of president I want. Someone who deliberately goes out of their way to inspire and encourage people no matter who they are.

GREAT stuff.

Warner Todd Huston

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