Video: Man lures 3 girls out of their homes via social media to show how easy it is

Video: Man lures 3 girls out of their homes via social media to show how easy it is

How easy is it to lure a teenager out for a pedophile? Evidently, very, very easy. Coby Persin, who is a 21 year-old from New York decided to set out and prove just how easy it is. He set up three different girls, ages 12, 13 and 14, with their parent’s permission. Then all hell broke loose. He lured the first girl to a park, where her father jumped out and confronted her. The second girl invited him to her house where her father was supposedly asleep. Unfortunately for her, he was right behind Coby and nailed her when she opened the door. The third one was the worst. The 14 year-old agreed to meet Coby’s brother and get in his van to come meet him. In the van was Coby and her parents in ski masks. After she started screaming they revealed who they were and let it rip. Parents really need to talk with their children and pay attention all the time to what is going on in their homes. One mistake in this social media, predator-laden world and they are gone forever.

Coby Persin, 21, helped three New York-area parents teach their daughters a thing or two about trusting people they meet on the internet.

Coby Persin, 21, helped three New York-area parents teach their daughters a thing or two about trusting people they meet on the internet.

From the Daily Mail:

YouTube star Coby Persin, 21, set out to help some New York-area parents teach their children how real the threat of pedophiles, rapists, and abductors truly is, posing as a teen himself and luring their young daughters into potentially dangerous situations by first striking up conversations with them on Facebook.

‘How easy is it for a pedophile to pick up an underage child using social media?’ he asks in a new video, quickly proving that it’s not very difficult at all.

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‘I made a fake profile on Facebook posing as a 15-year-old boy,’ Coby explains, showing off a page for a made-up teen named Jason Biazzio. ‘With their parents’ permission, I friend-requested three girls ages 14, 13, and 12.’

Coby didn’t have to work hard to set the groundwork for a first meeting with any of these young ladies, merely chatting with them online or via text for three or four days before arranging to meet up at their homes or somewhere nearby.

‘What we found in this video is shocking and something everyone should see,’ he says.

The first girl he puts to the test is named Mikayla. Mikayla proves very trusting, and quickly takes ‘Jason’s’ word for it that he is another local kid – though the two have obviously never met before and have no friends in common.

After he sends her a friend request, the 13-year-old asks where she knows him from.

‘I just moved from Florida to your town,’ he says with a smiley-face emoji. Coby doesn’t even have to specifically name her town for her to decide that he is safe.

‘Jason’ says that he just wants to make new friends, and the two continue to talk before arranging to meet in a park near Mikayla’s house.

After waiting for her parents to leave the house so she won’t have to tell them where she’s going, Mikayla sneaks out and walks to the park. When she gets there, she sees Coby – a muscular man with facial hair – waiting. He calls out to her and she asks who he is before her dad comes out from his hiding place, screaming.

‘Mikayla, are you crazy?’ he yells. ‘Are you out of your mind? He could have been a rapist. He could have been a pedophile. Why would you do this?’

The young teen, clearly shaken, quietly apologizes. Coby points out that they’ve only been talking to each other for a few days, and for all she knew, he could have been anymore.

‘Do you realize how scary this could have been?’ Mikayla’s stressed-out dad says before kissing her on the head and telling her that they ‘need to talk’.

The next girl that Coby befriends online is 12-year-old Julianna. When he asks her on Facebook if she wants to hang out, she says yes – but it would have to be when her dad isn’t around because she can’t have boys over. So the pair make plans for ‘Jason’ to come over when her dad is asleep.

The night Jason is set to visit Juliana, Coby and her father, John, discuss the young girl’s behavior. John doubts that Julianna will open up when they come knocking – or at least, he ‘prays she doesn’t’.

The two go together to the front of the house and Julianna, who barely comes up to Coby’s chest, does in fact open the door – much to her dad’s fury.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ John says angrily, taking his daughter by the arms. She immediately begins crying and apologizing as he continues to lecture: ‘How can you do this? You’re 12 years old!

‘You could have been raped and murdered!’ he yells. ‘I already lost your mother! What would I do if something happened to you?’

As Julianna continues to bawl, her father embraces her and says: ‘I love you. Don’t you ever do this again!’

Jenna, the oldest of the girls tested at age 14, has the scariest encounter of all – and hopefully was shaken up enough to learn a valuable lesson.

‘Jenna thinks her parents are going out tonight for date night,’ Coby says, sitting with her mom and dad in a van.
Jenna has agreed to meet up with ‘Jason’, and thinks his older brother will be driving them somewhere. Her parents don’t believe she will go through with it.

However, she does come out of the house when Coby pulls up. After asking outside the passenger-side window if he is Jason’s brother, she opens the door and climbs in.

Immediately, her parents – who are now sitting in the back of the van wearing ski masks to hide their faces – start grabbing her and pulling her. Jenna screams uncontrollably and unsuccessfully tries to kick the door open until her parents remove the masks and reassure her that it’s just them.

But the reassuring tones don’t last long. Jenna’s mother rips her cell phone out of her lap and says, filled with fury: ‘What would have happened if you came out and it wasn’t us sitting out here? And it was really crazy people sitting back here?’

‘We never would’ve saw you again,’ adds her father.

Her mother notes that they’ve even talked about this kind of thing in the past, that she’s taught Jenna the dangers of rapists and abductors. The teen sits shamefully in the front, silent.

Coby concludes the video by noting that there are over 750,000 registered sex offenders currently living in the United States – and perhaps more parents need to have serious discussions with their children about what could happen if they act irresponsibly.

The first two girls were terrified, tearful and sorry over what happened. The third girl, not so much. I think she was just upset she got caught. Those parents have their hands full with a wannabe bad girl. I think what Persin is doing is a great service to these families, teenagers and the public at large. I hope he turns it into a business. The guy is brilliant and a good guy. The parents were horrified that their daughters would be so foolish as to do this. It didn’t take much to lure them out either… a fake profile, a few days of social media chatting, maybe a phone call and the hook was set. Scary stuff. Every parent should watch this video and make it go viral.

Coby Persin

Coby Persin

Coby Persin

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