[VIDEO] ‘Sharia Patrol’ on Duty ‘Catches’ Woman in Short Skirt..in London

In London, there is a group of Muslims that have taken it upon themselves to decide how Londoners should behave and act, based on Sharia law. But the free mean and women of London seem to have no interest in their rules and regulations. They know their rights and are going to speak- even if this motley crew doesn’t want to listen. More from The Conservative Tribune:

Historically, one of the greatest benefits of societal advancement is the expansion of personal freedoms and societal tolerance in the name of civility.

America’s Bill of Rights is the ultimate example of values held dear by freedom-loving people, but some people are not passionate believers in personal freedom.

Instead, he resides in East London which is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the Britain.

But the man does not think of himself as British, “I identify myself as a Muslim. If I was born in a stable I am not going to be a horse. If I was born in Nazi Germany, I am not going to be a Nazi … This just an island I was born in.”

The man works with a group of fellow Muslims who “patrol” the streets of London attempting to enforce Sharia law on the free people of Britain.

The video depicts them bullying two men in the park about beer drinking and preaching to them the dangers of alcohol and gambling.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

The video exposes these Sharia enforcers actively engaging in terrible intimidation and hurling disturbing insults at those violating their Muslim way of life (H/T Conservative Infidel).

The man’s own confession reveals a deep disdain for civilized free people. He declared, “I want to see the hands of thieves cut, I want to see adulterers stoned to death.”

He did not stop there. Instead the man delivered this terrible prediction, “I want to see Shariah law in Europe and in America as well.”

The video contains a clip of the Shariah patrol finding a woman wearing a short skirt. The Muslim bullies immediately launch into a tirade insulting her and chastising her for wearing a piece of clothing that violates Shariah law. Her cries that women in Great Britain “have rights” fell on unsympathetic ears.

This video is a wake up call that radical Muslims are not cowering in far-off caves. They are here in our midst. We must be alert and brave or the Shariah invasion will catch us off guard.

Indeed, Radical Muslims are in our midst. If this was happening in the US, I likely would have called Homeland Security on them. No one is going to patrol my neighborhoods and tell me what to drink, eat or wear. I have a mom for that, and if I wanted to hear that I would move back home. These guys need to catch a clue that they are invading the privacy and rights of others, and this behavior is unacceptable. Good luck getting me in hijab.


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