Village Of The DEAD: People Who Treat Their Deceased Like The Living… [VIDEO]

Village Of The DEAD: People Who Treat Their Deceased Like The Living… [VIDEO]

When a loved one dies, you mourn them, you remember them, you celebrate their lives and remind yourself they are in a place not so far away, but much better off than they were here, in this world that is ever growing darker.

However, that is not the norm for this village in Indonesia. In their Torajan culture, their deceased loved ones are not considered dead, not even as their flesh is rotting away from the bone. Nope.

They are not considered dead until their funerals have been held and that does not take place until EVERY family member that is able and willing to come see them has come and done so. Regardless of how far away they are, whether or not they can come right away or not for a few months…the corpse still lies in wait with the family who cares for it and is treated as if it is just sick and not dead.

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Get this…there has been some corpses that have been kept around for years…in the home they died in. They are fed food and even given cigarettes for those that died being a smoker.

Now the question may be…. HOW? How do they preserve these corpses so well to last so long without the rest of the family catching a disease from the rotting flesh or being eaten alive by the swarms of flies and insects that would be drawn to its stench.

Well, they continuously inject the body with a preservative called Formulin. Supposedly it stops the body from decomposing and they are given a room of their own to ‘live’ in.

But, does this look like a body that was kept from decomposing?


While the bodies of these loved ones are hanging out in their own room, family members will stop by to visit them, they will speak to the corpse as if it is still alive and as visitors arrive they are also introduced and announced to the corpse upon arrival…that they have a visitor.

The other interesting and sad fact about this culture practice is the corpse is never left alone and it is always kept in a room that is lit up. This is so that the spirit of the corpse will not start causing trouble if it gets upset due to the dark…but my guess is that its more because they don’t like the thought of being in a room with a dead rotting body, that they treat as if its alive.

Fun fact…during this time, hundreds of animals are also sacrificed in honor of the deceased family member.

Yea, I know…that is not such a fun fact. Forgive me.

This particular family that you are seeing pictures of in this article has had the corpse of their father around for 12 years now…

She claims his presence has helped her deal with his passing. She said: ‘If we buried him straight away, we would also feel the pain very suddenly. ‘We wouldn’t get time to deal with the grief and adjust to the separation.’

The problem here lies…

It is absolutely unhealthy for them to keep deceased people around just because they are afraid to face the reality that they have passed on. Unhealthy both physically, mentally and spiritually.

In John Hawkins’ new book ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches “Don’t stay in a bad situation because you are afraid of change.”

There is a thin line between culture and just being plain unwilling to deal with the reality of life, living in fear is never a good choice, it is the enemy to progression in life.

However, to each their own “culture”…

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