Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Burst a HUGE Cyst on Corner of Man’s Eye [VIDEO]

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Burst a HUGE Cyst on Corner of Man’s Eye [VIDEO]

She’s BACK! For those that have stomachs of steel and enjoy watching ooze, blood and dead skin cells being squeezed out of areas of the body they have no right in presiding, this is the article for you!


This time Dr. Pimple Popper is doing just that from the corner of someone’s eye! The ‘thing’ looks pretty massive and makes you wonder just how long this guy went before he thought he should probably get the huge bump on his eye checked out. It’s a pretty repulsive video, which means some of you are about to be really happy.

With the unsightly lump this man has growing between his nose and his eyeball and it getting bigger as the days go on, it is in no doubt wrecking his social life, which he does admit. This is why the man has decided to finally go under the knife and allow Dr. Pimple Popper to work her magic on his face.

She begins with the skin between this man’s right and and nose by slicing it open, before he starts to seem nervous and she follows up with some reassurance.

Prepare yourself…it’s not pretty.

Things make a turn for the worst when the doctor starts to gently squeeze the lump out…you’ve been warned.

This is a sebaceious or epidermoid cyst and it is a benign growth that is commonly found in the skin around the face or neck, but can grow elsewhere as well. They are a trickier form of cyst however, and a botched removal operation has in the past allowed this type of cyst to grow back and be even more inflamed and obnoxious.

…and just in case you didn’t know, this procedure should not be done at home, but with a professional like Dr. Pimple Popper.

That would just be asking for something really bad to happen.

Like, oh I don’t know… your eyeball falling out or something.

Better to be safe than sorry!

…and blind.

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