Watch the amazing moment a bus driver stomps on his brakes to stop a suicidal woman [Video]

Watch the amazing moment a bus driver stomps on his brakes to stop a suicidal woman [Video]

A woman was getting ready to jump off a bridge in China. A bus driver saw her with one leg over the railing. He slammed on his brakes, jumped out and wrestled her off the bridge and into the bus with the help of another man. She fought them all the way too. She must have been very determined to kill herself. Other people helped to keep her on the bus and stopped her from hurting herself. She is now in counseling there, which I assume to mean she is in a mental ward under psychiatric care.


From the Daily Mail:

A bus driver managed to save a suicidal woman from the brink of death in Nanjing, eastern China, after he stopped her from jumping off a bridge.

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The unidentified woman already had one leg over the barrier of the bridge when the driver spotted her, reported People’s Daily Online.

He dragged her from the bridge and, with the help of another man, pulled her to the safety of the bus.

According to reports, the woman, who is thought to be around 30, tried to commit suicide on Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing.

In the moment that she climbed onto the barrier, the driver of a bus that happened to be passing spotted her.

The driver, named as Bian Peng, slammed the breaks and leapt out of the bus.

He then dragged the woman from the barrier and, with the help of passers by, brought her to the safety of the bus.

In the video footage, captured by the camera on the bus, the woman was seen crying and struggling throughout the rescue.

Even though several people were trying to bring her to the safety of the bus, she managed to resist their help for some moments.

Eventually, they were able to get her on the bus and the driver started the bus again.

The entire rescue was less than a minute.

Police were called by passengers and have reported taken the woman away for counselling.

The reason for her suicide attempt is not known.

Perhaps this woman will have a second chance at life and after she calms down and reflects, she will cherish the life she has. Then again, maybe not. They don’t know why she was trying to kill herself. My first thought was grief. That can drive you temporarily mad, but who knows? The rescue was very, very fast and whether the woman thinks so or not, she owes that bus driver her life. What he did was the right thing. I consider suicide a mortal sin, but even putting that aside, things are never as bleak as they seem even in the midst of loss. I’m glad she was saved. I hope someday she is grateful as well.




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