WATCH: The Moment a Baby Meet’s His Dad’s Identical Twin

WATCH: The Moment a Baby Meet’s His Dad’s Identical Twin

Just terminally cute! A little baby boy got very confused when his father and his twin brother got together. The baby couldn’t tell which was which and kept wanting to go back and forth to Dada. I can see why the video went viral. It has been viewed over 12 million times. At the start of the clip, Reed is being held by his father, who is standing on the left, and is then handed over to his uncle, who is standing on the right. It’s a back and forth double take and the baby just can’t pick which one is his father. Adorable.


From the Daily Mail:

A 16-month-old baby was left totally baffled after his father’s identical twin popped by for a visit – and he couldn’t tell them apart.

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Dad Stephen Ratpojanakul, from New York, captured the hilarious moment on camera and posted the footage on Facebook, where it’s been watched more than 12 million times.

In the footage, baby Reed can’t decide which of the two men is his father and keeps reaching from Stephen to his brother Michael, calling them both ‘Dada’.

The father of the baby is also married to a twin. That is going to be one confused child, but in a good way. The little one may look frustrated and confused, but his dad says he is the happiest baby he’s ever seen. They tried the experiment with his wife’s twin, but little Reed had no problem telling which one was his mom. One commenter said that he hoped the baby’s mother could tell the difference between the brothers. That’s funny. Eventually, I’m sure Reed will be able to tell the difference, but for now it’s a harmless, fun game. This is just way too cute.





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