What Australians Ought to Be Boycotting

In Australia, moonbats like former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer are milking the Chris Lane shooting for all they can get, calling for a boycott of travel to the USA to punish us for upholding the right to bear arms. But it wasn’t a gun that killed Chris Lane for no particular reason so much as it was an ideology and a subculture, both exported from corrupted parts of the country into the otherwise decent town of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Colin Flaherty had a look at alleged triggerman Chancey Luna’s Facebook page:

Though most of his information is private, several pictures that are still available — at https://www.facebook.com/chancey.luna/about – show the tattooed Chancey flashing gang signs and drinking beer. His Facebook page also displays a red, yellow and green flag with the words Black Power inside it.

And next to that is a picture of Africa, with the same color scheme— traditionally associated with Black liberation movements – that features an upraised, clenched black fist.

Luna’s mother is white.

The Facebook page belonging to accused killer James Edwards is less political, and more immersed in the music and drugs and sex and violence that dominate contemporary hip hop culture.

This culture is every bit as toxic as left-wing black liberation politics.

On Facebook, he called himself “Lilbuggy,” but his screen name was “blackcoon44.” On Twitter, he went by @JamesAKABug

Both Facebook and Twitter pages belonging to Edwards are filled with direct references to violence, drugs, and admiration for the rappers who glorify the thug life. Especially the 17-year old rapper Chief Keef from Chicago. …

Chief Keef is famous for relentless references to guns, violence, drugs and sex in his popular music videos.

But most of the time, Edwards was making up his own lines: “With my niggas when it’s time to start taken life’s,” he posted on Twitter three days before the killing.

As of now, James Edwards’s Facebook and Twitter pages are still up there.

Pour raw poison into half-developed brains and the results are predictable.

If Australians want to boycott something, they ought to start with the anti-white ideology excreted by our liberal intellectuals, and the rap gushing out of our entertainment industry like filth from a fractured sewer pipe.

Chauncey Luna: Younger than Trayvon Martin.

More at PJ Tatler. Tip from RF. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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