What This Man Does With Cardboard Will Change How You Rake Leaves Forever

What This Man Does With Cardboard Will Change How You Rake Leaves Forever

Simple and brilliant! This makes using a rake just dumb. This guy takes a piece of cardboard and scoops all the leaves into a pile. It’s quick and efficient. You might need a rake for the hard to reach places and stragglers, but this would get the majority of them. I wish I had thought of this when I was a kid. I love fall leaves, but face it… raking them is a royal pain in the butt. It’s a lot of work raking leaves. And in one swift move, this guy makes us all feel like morons and shows us the fast, easy way of dealing with autumn leaves.

Raking Leaves

From Just DIY:

Leaf piles in the fall are pretty much the best part of the season…but putting in the manual labor to arrive at those pillowy mounds isn’t an easy feat. It can take hours to rake a backyard to make the Mount Everest of leaf piles! The hope…nay, the dream, is to go from a lawn covered in leaves to one giant colorful mountain in the blink of an eye.

This guy figured out how to turn that dream into a reality, and, honestly…

It’s a wonder no one thought to do this before!

We’ve been doing it wrong the WHOLE. TIME.

Kudos to this guy for being smart enough to figure out a solution to the time-consuming rake issue. Now, how about world hunger…?

He makes it look like fun too. This is ingenuity in action. Leaf blowers cost a fortune… rakes are tedious and back breaking… cardboard is cheap and works like a charm. And the cardboard doesn’t hurt the grass. I suppose you could use a snow shovel. But that would be slower and might hurt your lawn. Someone pointed out that it looks like a piece of plywood, not cardboard. That would work too. This feels like a V-8 moment. I can’t believe how simple this solution is and no one thought of it before. Fantastic!

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