Wild gang of girls filmed rampaging through California grocery store: Violent teens destroy groceries, chug alcohol and leave a veteran hospitalized [Video]

It’s a sad reflection on today’s society that these punks figured they could just get away with intimidation, violence and destruction of property. Maybe they just don’t care. I hope the judge throws the book at them and makes them pay for every penny they destroyed. Yelling gang slogans, chugging liquor in the booze aisle, punching the store manager in the face… these kids are a bunch of real winners. Already hardened gang bangers and criminals, they act like nothing more than animals.

Five teenagers were caught on camera causing chaos in a Marysville grocery store Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators say they believe the teens were trying to get revenge on the store, where three of them had been arrested for shoplifting on Monday.

Early estimates put the damage the teenagers caused at several thousands of dollars.

From the Daily Mail:

Five teenagers have been arrested after they were caught on camera running amok in a California grocery store in the middle of the afternoon last week

The four girls and one boy reportedly did not steal anything, but instead ‘terrorized the store,’ shouting gang slogans, dumping food into the aisles and at one point chugging a bottle of alcohol, Marysville police told KTXL.

After entering the Save Mart store around 1.40pm, the group prowled the shopping lanes screaming profanities and at one point dumped a bottle of cooking oil into the aisle that caused a 64-year-old veteran to slip and fall.

The shocking act of vandalism was allegedly carried out by the rampaging girls as revenge for the owners calling the cops on them two days earlier when they were causing a nuisance in the store.

The 64-year-old Air Force veteran was taken to Rideout Medical Center with a potentially broken elbow.

The teenagers also apparently screamed and shouted gang slogans as they made their way through the aisles, according to police.

‘At one point they even went to the liquor aisle, and they actually opened up some liquor bottles and started consuming alcoholic beverages in the liquor aisle,’ a police spokesman told KTXL.

When the store manager attempted to intervene, one of the group members allegedly punched him in the face.

Two responding police officers at the scene received minor injuries when the 15-year-old boy reportedly resisted arrest.

One of the girls also tried to run and was apprehended after a brief chase.

The five teenagers were taken to a juvenile detention facility on charges including felony vandalism.

Investigators say they believe the vandalism, is estimated to have caused thousands of dollars in damages.

All of this because the manager called the police when they were caught shop lifting. They even caused a retired Air Force veteran to go to the hospital, because the monsters poured cooking oil on the floor and he slipped in it, shattering his elbow. Vandalism in broad daylight with no thought of consequences, just revenge. I wonder if their families even care? I assume that family life fostered some of this and if not, they are in for one hell of a spanking. I’ll bet they were on drugs and/or drunk when all this took place. Now you can prowl your cages in lockup where, if there is any justice, you’ll stay.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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