Woman Arrested After She Enters Police Station Holding a Dunkin Donut Box, Tossing Raw Meat at Police – Saying She’s There to “Feed the Piggies” [Video]

As most radicals are, I’m sure this woman is disturbed. But she is probably totally cognizant of what she did and what she said. In fact, she is probably another useful tool of the Left, having cooked this up with other radicals, who versed her in what to claim when she was arrested. She looked ‘prepared’ to me. This is just the type of hateful attack that is so loved by the Liberal Left. Throwing in the “God told me to go feed the pigs” part was a nice touch – I’m sure she and her cohorts thought it was witty. More bacon fat for the fire that is the war against cops and the rule of law – a communist’s favorite breakfast.

From The Blaze:

It was the day after Christmas when Lindsey McNamara entered the Framingham, Massachusetts, police station “with a great smile on her face,” Lieutenant Harry Wareham told the Boston Globe.

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In fact the 24-year-old from Ashland was reportedly carrying a Dunkin’ Donuts box, police told the paper — what could possibly go wrong?

When an officer at the front desk asked if he could help her, McNamara answered: “Yeah, I’m here to feed the pigs,” the Boston Herald reported, citing a police report.

With that police said McNamara took raw bacon and sausage from the box and began smearing it on the dispatch window, the Globe said.

More from the Herald:

She was immediately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property worth less than $250.

Asked by the officer why she did it, McNamara said: “God told me to go feed the pigs,” according to the police report.

Both the Dunkin’ Donuts box and the artery-clogging breakfast meats were logged as evidence, and officers attempted to clean the front desk “as best as possible,” the police report noted.

During a hearing Friday, a judge postponed McNamara’s arraignment until Feb. 9. She was then taken to a hospital to undergo a mental health evaluation, the Herald reported, citing a Middlesex District Attorney spokeswoman.

“I don’t know who it is but somebody’s out to get me,” McNamara said in court, according to a WCVB-TV video report.

Yep, I’m sure she thinks the Man and the evil Tea Party are out to get her. She’ll get a mental eval, a small $250 fine and then they will pat her on the head and let her go. She’ll be out with her friends planning mayhem in no time. Boston is just one of countless big city, Marxist hotbeds across America where communists are merrily planning and executing violent, organized agendas to quicken a revolutionary coup from within America. Today, she feeds the pigs… tomorrow, she could very well try and slaughter them. She’s a violent revolutionary in the making and should be treated as such.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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