Woman arrested for drowning a puppy in a toilet at an airport [Video]

What kind of heartless, sick, twisted kind of person drowns a helpless puppy in a toilet? All because they wouldn’t let her get on her flight. She could have given the puppy away like she did the other two Doberman puppies that she gave to her parents. But no… she figured the quickest, best solution was to drown the puppy. I hope they throw the book at her. What a monster. In my book, that’s on the same level as killing a baby.

Cynthia V. Anderson

From The Independent:

A Florida woman suspected of drowning a puppy in the bathroom at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport has been booked into the Hall County Jail on animal abuse charges.

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Grand Island police Sgt. Stan Steele said it appeared the woman may have drowned the two-week-old Doberman puppy after she was denied access to a flight because of the dog’s young age and lack of being properly contained.

Cynthia V. Anderson, 56, of Edgewater, Fla. first tried to board a flight at the Grand Island airport on Thursday, but was denied because she had three young puppies, all believed to be two weeks old or less, Steele said. Anderson also was traveling with two small dogs, but the dogs were of age and had proper kennels to board the flight, he said.

Anderson’s parents came from western Nebraska and took two puppies, so Anderson again tried to board a flight on Friday, Steele said. She still had the two small dogs and one puppy, which she attempted to conceal in carry-on luggage.

After Anderson was denied boarding a flight Friday, she was seen entering a bathroom in the airport’s passenger terminal. Anderson then left the bathroom and another patron reported finding a dead puppy in the toilet.

Steele said the Central Nebraska Humane Society retrieved the dead puppy and conducted an autopsy.

“The cause of death was determined to be drowning,” Steele said.

Anderson was arrested on animal abuse charges and booked into the Hall County Jail.

Some people should not be allowed to own pets. This is sad enough, especially after seeing the two other puppies in the video, to rip your heart to pieces. Such a trusting, loving little face. The innocent love of a puppy like this is betrayed and their life is cruelly snuffed out by someone who is a vicious, malignant narcissist. Simply because they were an inconvenience. She’s lucky the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Hope she enjoys prison – it’s a dark, horrid place just like her heart and almost as evil.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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