Woman EXECUTED by Shotgun Blast to Back of Head By Black Man in Hollywood [Video]

Woman EXECUTED by Shotgun Blast to Back of Head By Black Man in Hollywood [Video]

Well, I’m going to tread where angels fear to go and just come out with it… this either looks like a paid hit or a racially motivated killing. My bet is on the latter, sadly. Obama and his merry band of racist radicals have primed the country for this and if I’m right, this will be the first of many such killings. Watch your six America. You better be packing. Be aware of your surroundings and where you go at all times. If this had been a white guy and that was a black woman, this would have been all over the news and the screams would have been deafening. Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam would have been there in nothing flat. But, the shoe is on the other foot and this is the type of thing that the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam have both been threatening. Is it so far fetched to believe they’d actually do it?

Carrie Jean Melvin
Carrie Jean Melvin, photo from her Twitter page.

From Gateway Pundit:

Sunday night in Los Angeles as a 30 year-old white woman walked with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, a mysterious Black man walked up behind the couple and without saying a word fired a shotgun blast to the back of the woman’s head, according to police.

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The killer was seen carrying the shotgun as he ran to a car and drove away.

The search for the killer continues.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

“The man walked up from behind the woman as she walked with her boyfriend in Hollywood near Sunset Boulevard. He aimed a shotgun and killed her just after 10 p.m. Sunday, then stepped into a black sedan and disappeared.

“The motive for the slaying on a McCadden Place sidewalk remains as mysterious as the gunman.

“John Skaggs, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Bureau homicide detail, said there is no evidence suggesting the shooting was part of a botched robbery. And there was no conversation between the couple and the gunman before he opened fire.

““We just don’t know,” Skaggs said. “On one hand, she didn’t have any known enemies. On the other hand, it looks like it was directed toward her. … We’re looking at all angles.””

KTLA-TV reported:

“The gunman approached the couple from behind and shot the woman in the back of the head using a shotgun, police at the scene said. It was unclear how many times she was shot.

““Witnesses and the boyfriend report that the suspect just appeared and fired the gunshot,” Skaggs said. “There were no words exchanged.”

KABC-TV reported:

“The shooting was reported shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday. Police said the victim, identified as Carrie Jean Melvin, 30, of Hollywood was found on Sunset Boulevard and McCadden Place near Hollywood High School.

“According to investigators, the suspect approached the woman from behind and shot her. The woman’s boyfriend, who was with her at the time, was not shot. Police said Melvin lived nearby and the two were walking to get something to eat.

“Melvin was pronounced dead at the scene. Her boyfriend was not injured. His identity has not been released.

“Authorities said there is no known motive at this time.

“”We’ve interviewed the boyfriend, there’s no indication that they had any idea there were enemies, that she would be targeted, so at this point we just don’t know,” said Detective John Skaggs.

“Witnesses said the suspect ran to a car, described as a black four-door vehicle, and drove off.

“Police described the suspect as a black male wearing dark clothing and a hoodie. Authorities said they are planning on looking at surveillance footage from nearby businesses to assist in their investigation.”

Two days before her murder, Melvin retweeted a sadly prescient quote:

The police and authorities are being very careful not to point out the obvious… that this could very well be racially motivated. The police aren’t even releasing what I call an actual description of the suspect. A black man in dark clothing and a black hoodie doesn’t quite do the trick here. Were there any cameras? This was on Sunset Blvd. (where I have walked as well), so you would think there would have been some cameras that caught this. They briefly mentioned there were other witnesses. It was crowded on the Boulevard. Evidently, they don’t suspect the woman’s boyfriend. They got a description of the car – did anyone get the plate? This bodes very badly for what is to come, I fear. I do wonder though, why only the girl was shot. Very disturbing.

Video by KNBC-TV

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