This Woman Has Ridiculous Reason For Why She NEEDS Welfare [VIDEO]

This Woman Has Ridiculous Reason For Why She NEEDS Welfare [VIDEO]

A woman who worked as a roadie for bands has allegedly quit her job because her breasts are too darn big. She sizes up at a whopping 12HH and her giant chest is causing her so much pain that working just isn’t an option anymore. She claims that she can’t work, exercise, or really do much at all because her assets are weighing her down and causing pain. I suppose anyone carrying 12HH around all day might get some back pain. I just wonder why she doesn’t do some back exercises to strengthen her muscles and help her body adjust to the big bosom she’s been carrying for years.

She’s 27 and about to be on welfare, but seems like she doesn’t want to be on welfare, however she can’t seem to get a breast reduction in a timely fashion thanks to Australia’s ridiculous healthcare system. So, now that she’s unable to get a reduction fast enough, thanks to her homeland of Australia having horrible socialist medical care, she’ll have to milk the system like a lot of the people in America who are lazy and not looking for work. At least this woman would rather be working, so you have to admire her drive to NOT be one of the leeches of society. I can understand if you NEED help because you can’t find work, but let’s all remember how many people really do play the system and abuse it. That’s not right. Hopefully she gets a breast reduction fast and can get back on the work force and return to being a contributing member of society.

Nim Murphy, 27, reportedly quit her job as a roadie for music shows and festivals because her breasts, sized 12HH, are causing too much physical pain.

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“I can’t work, I can’t exercise properly, I can’t do most things,” Murphy said.  “I don’t want to be on [welfare] and not doing anything.”

Murphy also claims that she suffers from a reversal of the lordotic curvature, which means that instead of curving forward, her spine curves back
at the neck area.  According to Murphy, this condition isn’t directly caused by her overly large chest, but it does exacerbate the problem.

“I get migraines, I’ve got constant shoulder and neck pain,” she laments.  “About two and a half years ago I had to call in sick because I got out the front door and started vomiting in my front yard just from the pain and so I had to stop working.”

Murphy told 9News that she is desperate for breast reduction surgery, but currently cannot afford the procedure due to her financial status and lack of private health insurance.

Can Australia get this woman the darn surgery? She seems like a good person who WANTS to work. It’s a shame that we have people on the planet who actually want to do something with their life and then get slammed with something they can’t control. I’m sure she didn’t ask for her chest to balloon to this size, but that’s the card she drew in life and she has to adjust to it. Maybe her employer can help provide coverage to get her working, but we know that usually doesn’t happen. It’s cheaper for an employer to hire someone else and send this woman into the world of unemployment. That’s what a lousy employer would do. Good employers take care of their people, then their people take care of them and their product/service becomes something amazing. When employers treat their employees like gold, then it has a ripple effect in which the employees let that good treatment shine through and they pay it forward.

I’d rather be a company who takes care of their people. I hope she gets the surgery she needs to keep working.

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