Wonder Woman Goes Gay

Wonder Woman Goes Gay

The campaign to poison our culture and children’s minds by commandeering characters created by a healthier generation and using them to advance the radical left’s social engineering agenda continues. Wonder Woman is now a pervert:

Diana Prince is an Amazon born on a female-only paradise island of Themyscira. Though she has a romantic relationship with Steve Trevor—a man who accidentally washes ashore on said island—some storylines over her 75 year history have implied she’s also had relationships with women. Now, the latest writer to take on the story confirms she has, indeed, had romantic feelings for women.

Greg Rucka, who is currently exploring the hero’s origin story with the “Year One” storyline with artist Nicola Scott, told Comicosity that Wonder Woman must be queer.

Rucka holds forth on the imaginary Amazon culture that produced Wonder Woman:

“Themyscira is a queer culture. I’m not hedging that” and added that DC has not pushed back on this interpretation: “Nobody at DC has ever said, ‘She’s gotta be straight.’ Nobody. Ever. They’ve never blinked at this.”

We’re supposed to be surprised by this? The comics industry has been on the bleeding edge of far left social engineering for some time now. Their product wouldn’t be much less suitable for kids if it were published by GLSEN.

Walter Hudson remarks,

It’s unfortunate that, as young women finally get a female superhero leading her own film next summer, they’ll see an essential aspect of the character’s femininity undermined. Wonder Woman has been lauded as a breath of fresh feminist air in a medium dominated by men. But that proves less impactful if she, like her male cohort, spends her free time chasing skirts. Regardless of the intent, making Wonder Woman gay will alienate her from the overwhelming majority of female fans who are straight, while further objectifying her to a male audience.

But the important thing is to advance sexual deviancy and stick it to the normies. That’s what the “mainstream” culture is all about nowadays.

Now LGBTQ compliant.

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