You’ll Simply Be Outraged When You Learn What These Muslim Students Did

You’ll Simply Be Outraged When You Learn What These Muslim Students Did

There are a whole bunch of parents in Australia who are thoroughly ticked off over this. About 30 or 40 students at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School in Victoria, Australia were allowed to leave before the national anthem because it would offend them. They are observing the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Muhammad. The ‘mourning’ event takes place between October 13 and November 12 this year and during that time, Shi’aMuslims do not participate in joyful events, including listening to music or singing, during what they call ‘Muharram.’ It seems to me all these schools are going out of their way to observe every single Muslim holiday, but are banning Christians and Jews at every turn, saying that church and school should not mix. If these students are in religious mourning, they should not be at school at all. To dis the national anthem this way, is a sign of disrespect and they mean it that way. They only recognize the Ummah and the Caliphate, not nation states.


From the GOP Daily Dose:

A primary school has been slammed for allowing young Muslim pupils to walk out of assembly when the national anthem is played.

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Pupils at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, south of Melbourne in Victoria, were given the opportunity to leave the hall in order to observe a religious month of mourning.

But the move has prompted a furious response from parents and politicians who criticised the ‘disgusting’ decision, saying all Australians should be ‘proud’ to sing the anthem.

Lorraine McCurdy, who has two grandchildren at the school, told 3AW that she ‘saw red’ when around 30 or 40 pupils got up and left the assembly during Advance Australia Fair.

‘Two children got up and said `welcome to our assembly’ with that a teacher came forward and said all those who feel it’s against their culture may leave the room,’ Ms McCurdy said.

‘With that about 30 or 40 children got up and left the room. I saw red. I felt ‘you don’t walk out on my national anthem’.’

Parents and politicians both slammed the move by the school to excuse these students over this as disgusting. They say that all Australians should be proud to sing the national anthem and I agree with them. Twice. Jacqui Lambie, an Independent senator for Tasmania, also voiced her surprise, saying: ‘I find these schools that are allowing this to happen disgusting.’ But the school and principal were quick to defend the move in the name of diversity and inclusiveness. Where’s that barf bag I had laying around? This is just sick. The school, which has the slogan ‘Many cultures, one community’, caters to students from 37 different cultural backgrounds including Shi’a and Sunni Muslims. The singing of the national anthem has never been an issue before and now suddenly it is. A spokesman for the Department of Education said: ‘The Department supports our schools to be inclusive for all students – this includes understanding and respecting religious or cultural observances. ‘From 2016, the new Victorian curriculum will include new subjects such as respectful relationships, world views and ethical understanding, helping to build more inclusive schools and communities.’ Will they include bowing, groveling, kneeling and subservience? Probably.

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