Kos’s Sexism And Homophobia

Kos’s Sexism And Homophobia

Why is it that the very same liberals who are the first ones to accuse conservatives of being sexists treat women in politics in such a disgusting, demeaning fashion? I’ll tell you why: Because liberal men are sexist pigs. That’s why liberal women think men are sexist pigs — because the liberal men they hang around with ARE sexist pigs.

You can see this in the way they treat any woman who has the audacity to disagree with them politically. Whether it’s writing soft core porn stories about Ann Coulter, doing actual Sarah Palin pornos, or just posting suggestive pictures of Michelle Bachmann eating a corndog like Kos does here (PS: The Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin imitator porno is probably inevitable at this point because that’s just what LIBERAL MEN DO).

Isn’t there something in the syllabus at GOP candidate school that tells them to avoid shots like these?

This picture of Michele Bachmann (and this one) is just unfortunate:

Translation: Kos hates Michele Bachmann and wants you to know that she’s eating a corndog and he thinks it looks like she has a big penis in her mouth.

He then goes on insinuate that her husband and Rick Perry are gay and shows them eating corndogs as well. Incidentally, those rumors are based on precisely nothing. The general idea is supposed to be that they claim Marcus Bachmann and Perry hate gays; so they must BE GAY. First, let me note that if you find liberals who buy into this theory, under no circumstances should you ever let them around your child because using their logic, either they love pedophiles or alternately they will tell you they don’t like pedophiles, which means that THEY ARE PEDOPHILES.

Additionally, I kid you not. This picture is nothing but a screen capture off of Kos’s website.

Let me just say that if people were taking bets on which person is “secretly gay” and the only three options are Marcus Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Kos, it’s pretty clear who all the money would be coming down on.

That being said, how is it that liberals like Kos are simultaneously accusing conservatives of being homophobes while…

A) Trying to out gays who don’t want to be outed, which is an intentionally cruel way to target homosexuals?
B) Hurl “gay” as a slur at the people that they hate most?

Personally, I look forward to regular accusations that I’m secretly gay because that’s one of the ways you can tell you’ve really made it. When the Left hates you SO MUCH that they’re accusing you of being closeted, then you know you’ve made it.

Last but not least, let me note that the whole “Well, she shouldn’t have been eating a corndog in public” thing is bunk. If you take enough pictures, you can make ABSOLUTELY ANYONE look weird or like he’s doing something sexual.

Just ask Barack Obama.

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