The Classy Left’s Newest Idea: Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell Day

One of the many weird oddities in the freakshow that we call American politics is that gross sexism is considered mainstream on the Left, yet they incessantly accuse conservatives of being the sexists.

Who celebrates Sarah Palin porno movies? Liberals. Which blogs high five over Ann Coulter porno fan fiction? The liberal ones. It’s also notable that prominent female conservative bloggers get deluged with sexually tinged hate mail, along with a smattering of death and rape threats. Moreover, when liberal women complain after getting a taste of that sort of thing, what you inevitably find out is that at its worst, they’re probably getting it as bad as someone like Michelle Malkin does on an average Tuesday.

Then there’s Sarah Palin. Here’s a woman who may be the greatest feminist icon of our generation. She’s truly doing it all. She’s happily married, has 5 kids, took on the good old boys club in Alaska, beat them, became governor of Alaska, was only the 2nd female VP candidate for a major party in history, and she’s done more to get women elected during this campaign cycle than any person or organization ever has before her. So, how do the liberal “feminists” feel about her? They hate her and the Left has done everything they can to harass her, go after her family, and destroy her.

This is the ugly funhouse mirror at the core of liberalism: What they claim to want and what they actually do are usually 180 degrees different.

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That brings us to Christine O’Donnell. She’s the new hate object on the Left and as per usual, they’re using the most sleazy tactics you can imagine to attack her. How sleazy? How about a “Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell Day?” From the Daily Kos,

Dan Savage’s “Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell Day” as a satire on right-wing men.

Everyone gets that Savage’s new provocation, like his scatological “santorum” coinage, uses ridicule to go after a wingnut. Ridicule can indeed be a powerful political weapon: it transcends ideological boundaries, commanding the attention of voters regardless of their political bent. But Savage’s idea is more than that: it’s also a wicked satire on the mindset of many conservative men.

Righty guys’ support for female conservative politicians is heavily based on sexual attraction. Look which female conservatives get lots of attention on Free Republic: politicians like Palin, Bachmann, in the past Katherine Harris; pundits and news personalities like Coulter, Malkin, and Megyn Kelly. (Also note FR’s informal “rules,” according to which threads having to do with attractive women must include pics; originally the “rule” was created for Ann Coulter.) One can also cite Rush Limbaugh’s rationale for supporting Christine O’Donnell, and the overwhelmingly male crowds Palin drew at her 2008 campaign rallies. Conservative guys tend to support the conservative women they fantasize about banging. Virginia Foxx, a solid and vocal right-winger, but no looker by anyone’s reckoning, gets next to no attention. Pretty obvious why.

What a bunch of sexist dickheads. Their standards for conservative female politicians are about the same as their standards for a hookup when it’s closing time at the bar. Savage gets to that, and I applaud him.

Yes folks, that’s right. There is a liberal at the Daily Kos simultaneously applauding a “Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell Day” and accusing CONSERVATIVES of sexism as he does it. Sadly, as people who closely follow politics know, the stunning hypocrisy and grotesque sexism on display there has become the rule, not the exception on the Left today.

Hat tip to Conservative Blogs Central for the story.

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