Joe Miller is Dead, Will Someone Tell Him To Lie Down?

Will somebody tell Joe Miller to lie down already, is election effort is dead as a doornail? At this point in time, his continuing efforts to get a judge to side with him is as sad as Willie Mays’ feeble effort with the New York Mets in 1973, every time you see it you just want to cringe. What’s even worse is if Miller wins his suit and the judge counts takes away the:  8+ thousand disputed Murkowski ballots he will still lose by around 2 thousand votes.

The Alaska Senate Campaign is the only remaining congressional contest still “undecided” OK it is decided but Joe Miller refuses to admit it. This past Friday a judge ruled that all the disputed write ins should count and that Miller did not provide any evidence of fraud so there was no reason for a hand recount:

Judge Carey dismissed Miller’s claim that misspelled write-in votes shouldn’t count for Murkowski. Even if Miller had succeeded in tossing out the votes disputed by his ballot observers, Murkowski would still win by more than 2,000 votes.

But Miller has hopes that a hand recount would reveal more votes for him. He’s also claimed that Murkowski benefited from election irregularities. He’s alleged some Murkowski ballots were written in the same handwriting. Another of his charges is that people may have been allowed to vote without showing identification.

But Judge Carey on Friday dismissed the suggestion of fraud. “Nowhere does Miller provide facts showing a genuine issue of fraud or election official malfeasance,” he wrote.

Now Miller is appealing to Alaska’s Supreme Court, arguments are scheduled for Friday.

“We have consistently asserted that the law should be followed strictly,” Miller said in a statement on his website. “The fact that the legislature stated that there should be ‘no exceptions’ to the ballot counting method is what, in our view, should govern this matter. Under the current ruling, there are now 8,000 exceptions, a result everyone who favors the rule of law should question.”

Horse Pooey! He is appealing because he wants to be the Senator, I will admit it I wanted him to be Senator also, but it isn’t going to happen. Are we to understand if some of Murkowski’s ballots were unfairly thrown out, Miller would still sue because it would be a result everyone who favors the rule of law should question ?

Murkowski’s write-ins gave her a 10,328-vote edge over Miller — but with more than 8,000 of those votes under challenge by the Miller campaign. If all of the challenges were upheld, she would still have margin of more than 2,100.

Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto said on the website that the campaign also has “sworn statements of machines in various precincts not functioning properly.” Equal protection under the law requires a hand recount, he said.

People supported Miller because he was supposedly a fiscal conservative.:  But the more he fights this hopeless battle the more he wastes:  peoples money. That doesn’t sound very fiscally conservative to me, but it does to Joe Miller, who now seems as if he is existing in a Monty Python sketch.

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