Can We All At Least Agree That Only The Right Cares About Reducing Government Spending?

The budget was last balanced during the Clinton years and that produced years of back and forth debates. Democrats claimed that Clinton and the Democratic Party deserved credit for it. Republicans claimed that GOP Congress deserved the credit.

Now, we once again have two parties that both claim to want to get spending under control. Towards that end, Republicans in the House have proposed a budget that will cut spending by 61 billion dollars. While that sounds like a significant amount, it only comes out to roughly 1/27 of the current budget deficit. Still, in their defense, Republicans have said they’re going to try to tackle entitlement reform later in the year; so this isn’t the whole kit and caboodle.

Yet, what are we hearing from Democrats almost across the board? Even the relatively small spending cuts being proposed by the GOP are beyond the pale.

“I’m willing to see more deficit reduction, but not out of domestic discretionary spending. I think we’ve pushed this to the limit,” Mr. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, said on “Fox News Sunday” when he was asked if he would support more than the $10 billion in cuts the Democrats have offered to House Republicans.

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Congressman Jim McDermott, D-Wash., claims Republicans are purposely hurting the economy to gain political leverage.

During a Sunday interview with Fox News, McDermott said, “They simply want the chaos to go on and use this meat-ax approach to cut $60 billion across the board with no thought of what the impacts are.”

“I don’t believe what we have from the House is a serious economic plan. I think it’s an ideological, extremist, reckless statement,” — John Kerry

So, can we all just admit the obvious truth that only Republicans care about controlling spending while Democrats will spend the country into bankruptcy if there aren’t any adults to keep them in check?

PS: The response to this from liberals is always, “Well, Bush wasn’t any good on spending.” True, but in a post Tea Party world, Republicans look to be willing to seriously tackle the issue. The same can’t be said of Democrats.

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