Is A Balanced Budget In 5 Years Without Raising Taxes Possible? Rand Paul Says, “Yes!”

Barack Obama seems to believe that our country can spend enormous sums that we don’t have, every year, from now until the end of time with no negative repercussions for our country. That strategy has never worked for any country, at any point, in the history of the world and it’s very unlikely it will work for us. That’s why it’s great news that at least one Republican senator is offering up a real alternative.

Via the Washington Times.

Sen. Rand Paul formally rolled out his 2014 budget blueprint on Friday, offering a combination of tax and spending proposals that he said would balance the federal budget in five years without raising taxes.

The freshman Kentucky Republican’s plan reshapes entitlement programs, abolishes four federal agencies and overhauls the federal tax code by establishing a 17-percent flat tax and eliminating taxes on capital gains, dividends and savings.

It also aims to put the nation’s the “large military complex of yesterday in check,” while calling on Congress to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the outer continental shelf to oil drilling, and to increase oil and gas development on federal lands.

…The spending proposal the freshman senator outlined Friday would put the nation on a path to a balanced budge five years faster than the plan that House Republicans adopted last week. The unveiling came as the Senate was debating a Democratic budget that would leave a major deficit even after 10 years.

What’s more radical and unrealistic? Balancing our budget in five years, which would restore our AAA credit rating, make Social Security and Medicare solvent over the long haul and prevent a debt driven economic crisis or the liberal plan to deliver skyrocketing taxes and trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see until our economy collapses after we can’t get people to loan us money any more? Draw your own conclusion.

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