DU Thread Of The Day: Obama’s Anti-Pot, Or Something

Recently, I received and email from a reader who pays attention to my site, Stop The ACLU, and Right Wing News, wondering whatever happened to all the DU threads, Kos posts, and other unhinged lefty posts that used to be excerpted. I know I started DU dumpster dives long ago, after seeing John Hawkins do it (RWN was the first blog I ever read, before I even knew what one was.) But, alas, the folks on the left aren’t as fun as they used to be, without Bush in charge. Also, really, with all the crazy/insane/stupid things emanating from the Obama admin, who needs the DU and others?

That said, I took a gander this am just for something different, and seems that the DUers are a wee bit upset with President Neophyte over this started by poster Slippery Slope: Seriously Obama? Smoke a joint last week, go to jail for DUI this week?

Under the newly released White House National Drug Policy (link http://www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/publications/policy… ), Obama is calling for the presence of *any* marijuana in your body to be de jure evidence of driving under the influence.

A. Encourage States To Adopt Per Se Drug Impairment Laws
State laws regarding impaired driving are varied, but most State codes do not contain a separate offense for driving under the influence of drugs … Fifteen states have passed laws clarifying that the presence of any illegal drug in a driver’s body is per se evidence of impaired driving … expand the use of this standard to other states …

Let the fun begin!

  • Idiots!
  • Yay! Phony Drug War!!!
  • Thats so, so f**ked up People can have cannabinoids in their system for some time after smoking with no psychoactive effects
  • sheesh, my animosity grows by the day … 2012 can’t come fast enough. even if he’s reelected, it will feel good NOT to vote for him.
  • he gets down on his knees for the man pretty good dont he! what a spineless piece of bush wannabe. To hell with democrats (wouldn’t that first part be considered racist if a Conservative wrote it, since written in a plantation voice?)
  • Nice one… keep the thinly coded messages coming (response to above. No chiding)
  • thanks, I plan to.
  • instead of standing up to them, he bends over I wonder what “we” he was talking about in his slick multimillion-dollar ad agency wet dream slogan stolen from Howard Dean of “Yes We Can”? It’s become pretty obvious that this was the real “code speak”–it meant, yes we can bleed the masses till they scream and then twist the knife.
  • CHANGE you can believe in — more support for the Corporate Prison System! Yeah — that’s one way of getting rid of those pesky *undesirables* who voted his ass into office. unbelievable….
  • WTH is wrong with him?
  • One term president…
  • Installed to apply a cosmetic, ‘friendlier’ face to american fascism
  • Cmon, you know the rules… Posts about President Obama must contain one of the following:

    1) Something about chess
    2) Something about the Repukes doing it too
    3) Something about criticism being racist

    Learn the rules or gtfo.

  • This is why it was such a bad idea to let Bush/Dick run amok with our laws and liberties – you can’t just peel those restrictions back after a new president roles into office. Things only get more authoritarian, not less. If this is news to some then, welcome to America.

The thread keeps going on and on and on, but, even though slightly tame, ending with Bush/Cheney blame is great place to stop. They are getting pretty funny, because they are realizing that they were, um, duped.

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