The Democratic Underground: The Real Bad Guy Isn’t Troy Davis, It’s Mark MacPhail’s Family

The Democratic Underground: The Real Bad Guy Isn’t Troy Davis, It’s Mark MacPhail’s Family

Cop killer Troy Davis finally got his just reward last night for murdering a police officer in a crowded Burger King parking lot. Of course, as per usual with lefties, their sympathies are with the criminal, not the victim. So, they’ve made Davis into an innocent martyr and of course, if he’s the good guy, the people who wanted him to pay for his crime must be the bad guys. Unfortunately, the “bad guys” in this instance include the family of murdered police officer Mark MacPhail. It’s hard to even imagine what Macphail’s family must have gone through, waiting to get justice all of these years while liberals tried to drum up sympathy for the man who unquestionably killed Mark MacPhail. Sadly, for liberals, the end justifies the means and even attacking the family of a murdered police officer isn’t out of bounds. Here’s what they had to say about MacPhail’s family at the Democratic Underground in a thread called McPhail smiled when it was over.

sasha031: McPhail smiled when it was over. just said on MSN. let them keep telling each other that he was guilty. Davis didn’t take adivan.

Horse with no Name: Sick and twisted. I guess that pound of flesh tasted pretty damned good. Too bad it was the wrong pound of flesh.

Joe the Revelator: Anger and saddness does not excuse them from rational thought or compassion. In this case more so than others.

Worship Money: As long as someone dies, right? Anyone will do. I can’t in good conscience predict how I would react or feel in a situation like this one. However, I have a really hard time believing that-belief in the morality of the death penalty aside- I would feel any sort of justice was being committed if the case was as riddled with error as this one. In no way do I think this would make feel anything like vindication for the loss of a loved one. This was a state sacrifice. Someone had to die.

teddy51: His mother was just as sick, this guy is guilty no mater what the new evidence showed… sick sh*ts.

DinahMoeHum: She didn’t even have the ####s to witness the execution in person…but she wanted her f*ckin’ pound of flesh no matter what. What a disgrace to her hero son.

Puglover: Bullsh*t. My partner and I have had this talk. If someone murdered one or the other or both of us we would not want them murdered in our names. It is really quite simple. These folks have the same facts as I have and probably many many more. And they KNEW that there were huge doubts about the now murdered mans guilt. And they are smiling. I am reaching very hard to find alot of compassion for them for other then the fact they lost someone dear to them.

EFerrari: I’m sorry, that’s just wrong. The McPhails have had evidence of Troy’s innocence for years. His death in no way repairs their loss. Not at all. In fact, McPhail’s killer has gotten away scot free.

Pab Sungenis: And some here were defending that family. Disgusting

NightWatcher: Mark was 2 when his dad was killed. All he knows is his grandmother’s bloodlust. I’m so glad I won’t be sitting next to him this Christmas or Thanksgiving. The urge to turn to him and say, “they killed the guy, happy now?” would be too much. Glad to see my Christian family celebrating a blood orgy tonight. I’ll be sure to stay off FB for a while. That’s right, I’m related by marriage.

cabot: then f*ck mcphail. you know, i have sympathy that the guy’s dad was murdered. but anyone who takes pleasure in the death of another human being is a f*cking monster. i hope he can live with the fact he took joy from someone’s death.

Liberal_Stalwart71: I heard about that, too. Evil is and evil does. Again, may they rot in hell! n/t

PS: The state actually called 34 witnesses at trial, not 9. There are still multiple witnesses, some who knew Davis and some who didn’t, who saw him kill McPhail with their own eyes and didn’t recant.

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