12 Programs From Obama’s Sequestration Congress Refuses To Fix

12 Programs From Obama’s Sequestration Congress Refuses To Fix

Democrats are already running around stating that Democrats, mostly (NMP) Obama, have lost on sequestration. Therefore, they’re going to have to come up with more scary stories in order to continue spending willy nilly on pretty much everything at the federal level, which is a great way to continue increases the tangle of tentacles into citizen’s lives and their reliance on Government


(Think Progress)…Unfortunately, though, Congress has shown no willingness to provide similar relief for the families that are being hammered by sequestration in other ways. Here are 12 programs that have experienced devastating cuts because Congress insists on cutting spending when it doesn’t need to – and that have been ignored by the same lawmakers who leaped to action as soon as their trips home were going to take a little longer: (note: head over to TP to see the numbers for costs of these programs)

  • Long-term unemployment (perhaps if we had a president and Democrat led senate that was interested in real world legislation that would help to get people working again, there would be no need)
  • Head Start (a 5% reduction. One would think they could learn to do more with less. Oh, sorry, government)
  • Cancer treatment (go talk to Obama, this is his idea and his implementation)
  • Health research (we’re all going to die or something)
  • Low-income housing (I can see how TP would be upset, since these are Dem voters reliant on Government)
  • Student aid (perhaps kids should get jobs to pay for their education instead of having the government pay for it…sorry, forgot this is the terrible Obama economy)
  • Meals On Wheels (so far this is only a threat, it has not occurred)
  • Disaster relief (FEMA could lose $1 billion out of over $14 billion in yearly funding, which is often wasted and used for really every big weather event to show how great government is, rather than allowing insurance to deal with it)
  • Heating assistance (well, if Obama wasn’t making energy so expensive, wouldn’t be a problems)
  • Workplace safety (Dems are very upset that federal inspectors from OSHA won’t be bugging businesses as much)
  • Obamacare (bummer!!!!!!!!)
  • Child care (why are my tax dollars paying for someone else’s kids?)

Let’s consider: a great many of these programs should be paid for by the states. There’s no reason for the federal government to be paying for them. A lot of these reductions could be paid for by cutting waste, of which the federal government is extremely proliferate at performing. The entire thing, except Obamacare, could be paid for by cutting Obamacare. Perhaps we shouldn’t be sending hundreds of millions to Syria and Egypt. Obama could cut out all his taxpayer funded vacations and quick trips across the country for campaign events when he can’t run again. We could stop spending money on illegal aliens. Turtle tunnels. Stop overpaying government employees and providing outrageous pensions. How about not giving $1 billion in tax credits for energy efficient homes to people who do not own a home? Maybe cut “programs to promote video games, chocolate, and to revamp a scuba-diver’s web site.” Or the “$30 million to help Pakistani Mango farmers.” “$10 million for Pakistani Sesame Street.” That kind of list goes on and on and on.

But Obama wanted implementation of Sequestration to intentionally be as painful as possible for the American people. It’s who he is. It’s what he does. And it was all his idea.

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