40% of Chicago Public School Teachers Send Own Kids to Private Schools

Liberals love to claim that the public school system is the shining success story of the American political system. And even when the schools break down in effectiveness, liberals double down on their support for them and insist that we spend ever larger chunks of the taxpayer’s money to “fix” them.

Of course, even as liberal politicians constantly extol the virtues of the public schools they are quietly sending their own kids to private schools. These hypocrites don’t seem to mind sending the public’s kids to subpar, failing schools but they’ll be damned that they’ll do so with their own kids.

Apparently it isn’t just politicians that are admitting with their actions that the public schools are a failure, though. The Chicago Tribune had a shocking statistic in a recent report on the hypocrisy of politicians re the public schools.

As recently as 2004, a Thomas B. Fordham Institute study found that 39 percent of CPS teachers sent their own kids to private schools.

So, while Chicago Public School teachers are consistently voting to force destructive union rules on the Chicago Public Schools, those same CPS teachers are sending their own kids to private schools where unions are often less prevalent.

These CPS teachers are double hypocrites. Insisting on enforcing union rules on CP schools while sending their own kids to union-free schools and tacitly admitting that CP schools are so bad that they won’t send their own kids to them.

It looks more everyday that the only way to be a liberal is to be a total hypocrite.

(H/T Newsalert)

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