429 Pages of New Regulations Wrought from 6 Pages of Obamacare

Obamacare will destroy our healthcare system and our economy both while giving unprecedented and unconstitutional powers to unelected, unaccountable federal regulators. It’s just that simple. Further proof of this was reported by US News and World Report on April 7 where we see that out of just six pages of the Obamacare law, federal regulators have written 429 pages of new regulations!

As it happens, that 429 pages of new federal regulations amounts to 45 more pages than Barack Obama’s autobiography, The Audacity of Hope.

Section 3022 of the law, which is about the Medicare shared savings program, take up just six pages in the 907-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. But HHS has turned that into 429 pages of new regulations and that’s too much, says Republican Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, a practicing doctor.

Brasso is correct to say that these thousands of new regulations will “increase the cost of doing business,” too.

The fact is that regulations are necessary in small doses. But as they mount up they become an impediment to growth, a destructive force for innovation, and a hamper on the economy.

But make no mistake, folks. Obama WANTS to destroy our healthcare system. Until the capitalist aspect of healthcare is eliminated he cannot take full control of our healthcare system. That is what he wants to do. He wants doctors made servants of government and essentially poor. He wants all insurance companies to be closed. He wants for profit hospitals to be outlawed. He wants drug companies to be nationalized. Finally, he wants the level of healthcare to fall to the least effective level, not the most, so that he has an excuse to swoop in and nationalize the whole kit and kaboodle, Chavez-like.

Barack Obama is an anti-capitalist. Obamacare is his most obvious manifestation of that yet.

(Click here for a .pdf of the law. The Section in question is 3022, on pages 297-302)

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