75 -Yr-Old Army Vet Wins Lawsuit Against Medicare, Gets ‘Sex Reassignment’ Surgery

An elderly former member of the US Army has won his lawsuit against Medicare and was able to fulfill his lifelong dream of “becoming” a woman through the wonders of modern surgery.

Denee Mallon, 75, of Albuquerque, New Mexico fought Medicare because the government medical service wouldn’t pay for his sex change surgery because he was too old.

Mallon took Medicare to court and won. Now you and I, America, get to pay for his sex change costs. Isn’t that grand?

Mallon says she finally “feels complete” following the procedure.

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‘I feel congruent, like I’m finally one complete human being where my body matches my innermost feelings, my psyche,’ Mallon told NBC News.

‘It’s taken me all these years and detours, potholes and whatnot to finally be where I am right now.’

Medicare decided to ban the surgery in 1989, saying it was ‘experimental,’ and noting a ‘lack of well controlled, long-term studies of the safety and effectiveness of the surgical procedures and attendant therapies.’

Back then, Mallon was not yet eligible for the government program, but she faced her own problems when her doctors refused to approve the surgery, largely because Mallon was still having sex with women.

‘I have a difficult time relating to somebody what it feels like to be me,’ explained Mallon.

I’m left wondering why the taxpayers should care what he/she/it “feels” like?

I mean, no one should be denied a sex change if they truly want one. But they should also be required to pay for it themselves.Why should others be forced to pay for such a thing?

Warner Todd Huston

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