A Break for ‘Mob Banker,’ Feds Releasing Report After Election

It must be nice to be an Obama insider like Democrat Senate candidate Alexi “The Mob Banker” Giannoulias is. Obama’s FDIC is obviously in his corner, it seems. After all, the FDIC decided to wait until after the election is over to release its report on the failure of Giannoulias’s family bank.

So, Giannoulias might possibly be safely elected to the Senate before the results of any embarrassing investigations into his culpability for the bank failure are released.

Yep, must be nice to have basketball partners in high places.

The Chicago Trib, at least, realizes that this is a stroke of “luck” for Giannoulias.

The release of the report before the election could have been another political headache for Giannoulias in the close contest with Republican Mark Kirk. Giannoulias has been on the defensive over his role in loans Broadway Bank made to convicted felons while he was a senior loan officer, as well as other troubled lending that contributed to the bank’s collapse early this year.

Why, we the voters of Illinois sure wouldn’t want to have as much information about Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias with which to help us cast an informed vote… now would we?

Obviously basketball buddy Obama doesn’t think we deserve that courtesy.

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