A Chicago Politician’s Arrogance

Long time Chicago Democratic Politician Monique Davis is the poster child for arrogance. Davis is a State Rep that has been involved in many flaps centered around her assumption of personal imperviousness, her assumption that her office is a shield used to excuse just any activity at all on her part. She is above the law, beyond the reach of decency and responsibility as far as she is concerned and the Chicago Sun-Times has given us yet another example of her hubris.

You’ll recall that only last month the Tribune had a report that Davis hadn’t paid the rent for her offices… for almost eight years. Why should she? Do you KNOW who she is?

Well, we can add yet another bit of arrogance on the part of Davis. She’s decided that she should take possession of someone else’s work of art. You know. Just because she’s Monique Davis, and all.

The Sun-Times is reporting that Monique Davis decided that it was her right to take possession of a 400 pound statue of a slave woman so that she might have some proper I’m-a-Proud-black-woman sort of decoration for her office in Chicago. Only one problem… she doesn’t own the statue. Chicago State University owns it.

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The statue, a piece that cost Chicago State University $25,000, ended up in Davis’ office because… well, no one even knows why or how it got there. Likely, Davis saw it, loved it, and decided that it should be hers. And why not? Who are you to say she shouldn’t just take what she wants? Do you KNOW who she is?

Chicago State University has tried several times to re-take possession of this statue but Davis has over and over again found a new reason not to give them back their property. And why should she give it back? Do you KNOW who she is?

Shese. Peasants.

Of course, we have a secondary question here. Why did Chicago State University feel disposed to waste $25,000 on a statue of a naked slave chick, anyway? How is that any part of educating our next generation? Why is it right for a state funded school for wasting such amounts of money on pieces of art when it should be spending its money on… well, that whole education thingie?

I mean, why should anyone question where the funds of a state sponsored school is going? Do you KNOW who they are?

So, what you have here is another example of Barack Obama’s Chicago. The assumptions of being above the law, the arrogance, the feeling that whatever any particular politician wants to do is 100% justified by divine right. All these things are endemic throughout Obama’s and Mayor Daley’s Illinois kingdom.

And remember folks, THESE are the kinds of people that want to administer our healthcare!

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